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Mgr. František Mandák (1936) - Biography

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The village was no longer there, only the wooden barracks of the 4th border company


František Mandák was born on October 19, 1936, in Rohanov in Šumava (the Bohemian Forest) in the family of a cottager and a dandy - a mason, who usually spent most of the year away from home with a bunch of other masons, usually in Germany, where he earned money for the livelihood of his family. Since 1942, František went to school in nearby Vacov. In addition to the usual boyhood joys and worries he also experienced some unpleasant moments, such as his encounter with the fanaticized German youth or the rehearsal of the 'sieg heil' directly in the classroom. Furthermore, he recalls several dramatic events that happened later on in the war and also the stay of U.S. troops in Vacov and Javorník. František didn't become a farmer or a mason, but a teacher. In 1956, he entered military service in the Border Guard. He spent the longest part of his service at the 19th border-guard company at Roklan forest cottage where he experienced very hard service in harsh conditions. After completing his military service, he worked for most of his later life as a teacher in Zdíkov in Šumava. He's interested in the history of his region and he's also the author of several articles and books on the subject.


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