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Vladimír Jukl (1925 - 2012) - Biography

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If you don´t want to go mad, if you don´t want to loose your mind or if you don´t want to commit a suicide, pray. Prayer was really a power that made a believer survive the stress, the continuous humiliation, the absolute depriving of his property

He was born in 1925 in Bratislava, where he spent the majority of his life. His father had a Czech origin and worked as a professor at the Business Academy in Bratislava. His mother was Slovak and from her Vladimír received foundations of the faith and of the religious life. He gained elementary, secondary as well as university education and became a member of the community Family. In this community the university students studied Russian language, eastern rite, and philosophy more in detail. There in 1943 Vladimír met a priest and a university professor Tomislav Kolakovič. Thanks to this priest Vladimír acquired knowledge of the applied Christian theology and own inner spirituality. Together they wanted to cooperate with leading Russian representatives and this way help the Catholic Church in the Soviet Union. In 1944 they took a part in the Slovak National Uprising and even though they didn´t organize any resistance, they were forced to hide in the mountains. After the Uprising the professor got the chance to travel to Russia for the summer and Vladimír along with his friend Silvester Krčméry started to study at the university in Prague. Together they developed there a lay apostolate movement, so called catholic action and they further cooperated with father Kolakovič. That was the main reason for their four-week arrest and interrogation by the State Security in 1946. Five years later the State Security started to deal with the Family community again and Jukl, Krčméry along with their friends were succesively being arrested. In 1951 Vladimír Jukl was imprisoned; after a torture and ten months of solitary confinement as 27-year old man he was given a 25-year sentence. He was paroled in 1965; until then he spent in prison 13 years, 6 months and 9 days. Other members of the Family were together condemned to more than thousand years of imprisonment. In 1966 Jukl and Krčméry founded the first university group of a Secret Church. After the secret bishop Korec was released from the prison in 1968 he approved the activity of organizing such groups of students. This way Jukl and Krčméry could start systematic building of the Secret Church as an organization according to Kolakovič´s recommendations. Gradually in every Bratislava faculty and in each class they built a group of the Secret Church. During the study they worked with students in Bratislava and trained them to be able to found regional groups of the Secret Church after they return back home. In the end of 1970's the Secret Church existed as an organised network around the whole Slovakia. Vladimír Jukl was ordained to be a priest in 1971 and until today he has been devoted to the pastoral activity.

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