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Churches and religious societies

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Catholic clerical (57) Friars (66) Member of an Illegal Church (39) Non-Catholic clerical (44) Representative of the Church (114) Vicar without State agreement (26) Victims of church persecution in 1948-1989 (206)

List of witnesses

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Petr Esterka (1935)

born 14 November 1935 in Dolní Bojanovice, Hodonín District 1950, Operation K at the Episcopal Grammar School in Brno 1956, graduated from an eleven-year secondary school June 1957, emigrated to Austria 1957–1963, studied at the Pontifical College of ... arrows 

Pavla Eštočinová (1928 - 2009)

Born on September 20, 1928 in Rokycany near Prešov On July 2, 1943 she entered the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary / IMBV / later name of the religious order Congregation of Jesus / CJ / she studied at teaching academy in 1945 to 1949 in Prešov In August ... arrows 

Karel Faber (1935)

born July 10, 1935 in Prague graduated in forestry at the Czech Technical University (ČVUT) the community of Catholic youth associated with the church choir in Vyšehrad had a profound impact on his life interrogated by the StB after a tragic incident married ... arrows 

Helena Faberová (1935)

born October 14, 1935 in Prague her father was a landscape painter, her mother came from a Czech-German family, she was an accountant and breadwinner for the family three siblings, her brother died young not allowed to study at a university she was a member ... arrows 

Miloslav Fiala (1928) video clip available

Born on 28 August, 1928 in Malín near Kutná Hora In 1949 arrested and interrogated by the secret police In 1952 served three years of basic military service In 1955 persecuted and interrogated by the secret police and forced to cooperate In 1968 began ... arrows 

Karel Floss (1926)

born on 19th July 1926 in Hodonín in 1945 graduated from grammar school in Olomouc and began to study at the university (specializing in classical and Slavic philology and later on philosophy) joined the Dominican Order in 1948 became interned as a consequence ... arrows 

Květa Nives Folprechtová (1930)

Born in 1930, in Roztěž near Kutna Hora. First and family name: Květa Folprechtová. One older sister, not living. Famous pilgrimages in the surrounding areas of her childhood. Attended basic school founded by Ursulines. Between 1948-49 she attended ... arrows 

Karel Fořt (1921 - 2014) video clip available

born November 8, 1921 in Rožmitál pod Třemšínem childhood in Vodňany, later in Horažďovice grammar school in Strakonice and České Budějovice active in scouting, led a scout troop in České Budějovice 1940 arrested by the Gestapo, briefly imprisoned 1941 ... arrows 

ThMgr. Petr Fořt (1945)

born July 1945 in Drmoul near Mariánské Lázně Czech-German family, German was his native tongue 1961 began his studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen 1962 completed his studies, began working in the company ... arrows 

Miloslav Frank (1924 - 2012)

was born on 27th July in 1924 in Bánovice nad Bebravou in Slovakia he got trained in repairing cars in 1944-1950 he had studied at monastic schools of Salesian congregation 13.–14. 4. 1950 „The St. Bartholomew's Day massacre“ 1950–1957 Frank had continued in ... arrows 



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