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Churches and religious societies

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Catholic clerical (54) Friars (63) Member of an Illegal Church (34) Non-Catholic clerical (40) Representative of the Church (108) Vicar without State agreement (24) Victims of church persecution in 1948-1989 (192)

List of witnesses

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Jaroslav Vrbenský (1932)

4 February 1932 born in Prague - Podolí, early childhood in Vršovice 1945 - 1949 member of 298th Československý Junák group (boy scouts) in Prague - Pankrác autumn 1949 spiritual exercise with Jesuits František Mikulášek and Adolf Kajpr December 1951 meeting a ... arrows 

Jan Vývoda (1924)

1924 – born in Hranice in Moravia 1942 – dismissed from grammar school and only graduated after the war 1949 – left to the Salesians in Kobylisy in Prague April 1950 – was interned in the Osek monastery in the course of the operation K September 1950 – ... arrows 

Ladislav Záborský (1921) video clip available

he was born on January 22, 1921 in the small town of Tisovec he studied at the grammar school in Banská Bystrica where his drawing teacher Krákora took notice of him and recommended him for further studies he got university education at the Slovak Technical ... arrows 

Vojtech Zeman (1930)

Vojtech Zeman was born on March 28, 1930 in Nová Baňa; in summer 1948 he applied to Salesian novitiate in Hronský Beňadik; during the night of April 13 - 14, 1950 together with other priests and students he witnessed the communist Action K; along with others, ... arrows 

Maciej Zięba (1954)

born in Wrocław, 6.09.1954 graduated from Physics at the University of Wrocław in 1978. from 1974 was involved in Catholic and opposition activity: organized the readings, was in the Club of the Catholic Intelligence, organized fundraising for the oppressed ... arrows 

Josef Zlámal O. Melit. Prior (1915)

July 1st 1915, born in Halenkovice (Zlín district) August 1949, arrested for reading from the Shepherd’s letter and disapproval with the people’s democratic dictatorship December 1949 sentenced to six years the sentence augmented to ten years after the offence ... arrows 

Václav Žďárský (1951) video clip available

born November 26, 1951 in Vrchlabí his father was a pastor in the Czechoslovak Hussite Church for many years since he was prohibited from studying further, he began working in a chemical factory where he then stayed for 22 years published several collections of ... arrows 



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