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Lidé pomáhající partyzánům během 2. svět. války

List of witnesses

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Ing. Zdeněk Rerych (1931)

born on the 4th of June 1931 in a gamekeeper’s lodge called Obora located near Pacov father Osvald was a forester from 1943 till the end of the war the family hid and rescued eleven Russian refugees coming from prison camps and concentration camps after the war ... arrows 

Ing., Arch. Zdeňka Rešovská (1936)

Born in Uzhhorod in May 1936 Her father leased a farm, first in Slavkovce and then in Fekišovce in eastern Slovakia From the onset of the war they helped refugees from Poland and hid Jews Her father helped guerrillas They hid in a crumbled in the forest cabin ... arrows 

Antonie Robová

born on 26th July from the age of 10 she took care of her younger brother, mother was ill unknowingly supported the partisan movement by bringing them food witnessed the bombing of Kralupy nad Vltavou in March 1945 as of 2016 she lived in Mělník ... arrows 

MUDr. Jaroslav Rozsypal (Čmel) (1926)

born 15 April 1926 in Ostrava member of the 1st Scout Troop in Ostrava led by Vladimír Čermák, who was executed by the Nazis during WW2, participated in the Scout resistance movement co-founder of the monument to the group of executed Scouts - the cairn at ... arrows 

Major (ret.) Václav Rubeš (1930 - 2012) video clip available

Born on January 29, 1930, in Lomnice nad Popelkou Had three younger siblings (brother Vladimír was born on March 11, 1936) Father was the headmaster of a school in Nová Ves nad Popelkou Father was a Scout troop leader Attended a school in Lomnice Worked as ... arrows 

Jarmila Rubeyová (1930) video clip available

born in 1930 in the Požařiska colony, a part of the Kateřinice municipality in the Vsetín district supported the partisan unit lead by Petr Buďko from the Jan Žižka 1st Czechoslovak Partisan Brigade - commander Petr Buďko lives in Vítkov ... arrows 

Pavel Russnák (1934) video clip available

Born in 1933 in the Slovak village of Poráč Pavel Russnák's father was a priest of the Greek-Catholic Church His father supported the guerrillas Operation "P" In 1950, the family was moved to Staré město pod Sněžníkem Brother of Pavel, Boris Russnák, was in ... arrows 

Jiřina Růžičková (1934)

born 26 December 1934 into a farmer family in Holyně near Prague her grandfather was mayor of the village during WW2, the family helped the partisans after 1948, during collectivisation the family failed to fulfil mandatory supply quotas her father was ... arrows 

Miroslava Rybárová, roz. Valentová (1927)

born 15 September 1927 in Nová Ves, Yugoslavia joined the partisans in Yugoslavia after the war, resettled in the Czech border region near Znojmo 2009, awarded a medal for combat service during World War II from the Czech Minister of Defence lives in Mohelno ... arrows 

Karla Říčánková (1931)

born in 1931 in Brno, grew up in Mokrá near Brno was in contact with the family of Aleš Kaprál, whom she talks about (see memories of Eva Kaprálová on www.memoryofnation.eu and the book „Zítra bude líp“ by Zdena Kaprálová) her father supported partisans, was in ... arrows 



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