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The Deportation of peoples in the Soviet Union

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National Minorities (1437)

List of witnesses

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Bulgaš Badajeva (1957)

born on July 12, 1957 in Kalmykia in the former USSR suffered a spinal injury when she was five years old she spent her childhood in hospitals and sanatoria, later in a boarding school learnt the seamstress’ trade after her last surgery she worked as a ... arrows 

Marcos Gozalishvili (1931) video clip available

Borin in 22 of April 1931 in Vale (Georgia) 1951 Entered The Military Institute 1954 continued his studies at Kutaisi Mining College 1956 Entered Tbilisi Technical Institute 1960 married with Lili Topuria For many years has been working at Akhaltsikhe ... arrows 

František Hanisch (1928 - 2014)

born October 2, 1928 in Mařenice (district Jablonné pod Ještědem) his father František went to work in Russia in 1930 – Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk and Dneprodzerjinsk in 1931 František and his parents and his brother Ervín, who was eight years older, went to ... arrows 

Dobromila Janáková (1932)

born 22 October 1932 in Český Boratín in Volhynia (present-day Ukraine) family of Czech Evangelicals settled in Volhynia her father was a car repairman, later ran a taxi service; her mother was a housewife 1937-1938, lived with her parents in Łódź lived in ... arrows 

Madlena Komakhidze (1927) video clip available

Born in Borjomi in 1928 Parents were arrested in 1937 father was shot and mother exiled to Siberia She was on the 9th form when mother returned. In 1947 she entered Tbilisi Art Academy, at the faculty of architecture. After graduation she has been working as ... arrows 

Tibor Pákh (1924)

born in Komárom on August 11,1924. began law studies in 1942 at the Law Faculty of Péter Pázmány University was conscripted in 1944 kept by the Soviet army in Austria i 1945, was brought forcibly to the Soviet Union returned to Hungary in the autumn of 1948 ... arrows 

Mindia Salukvadze (1933) video clip available

Born in Tbilisi, March 06, 1933 Father was was arrested in 1933; In 1937 mother was arrested and shot, father was shot the same year In 1956 Mindia graduated Tbilisi State University, the faculty of physics. Worked as a teacher at Tbilisi # 55 public school ... arrows 

Liongina Zazaitė–Polikaitienė (1940) video clip available

1940 was born in Lithuania in farmers’ family 1949 her parents joined the kolkhoz 1951 family was exiled to Siberia non- formal reason for exile there was a certain number of families in the district which were to be exiled and in their district the Soviet ... arrows 

Тамара Абуева (1947)

She was born in 1974 in Kazakhstan in Semipalatinsk province She got married in the 60´s Her family returned back to Chechnya in 1968 1994 – 1996 the first Chechen war; Urus Martan village 1999 – 2009 the second Chechen war; Cernovodsk village ... arrows 

Ing. Саид-Ахмед Султанович Гантимиров (1946)

born in 1946 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, USSR 1959 his family allowed to return to their home country 1965-67 working as a PE teacher in school 1967-73 studying at the Jambul Institute of Technology in Semipalatinsk; marriage 1973-1994 peaceful life in Chechnya ... arrows 



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