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People helping Jews during WWII

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Holocaust (1003) Nazism (3270)

List of witnesses

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Ing. František Pachman (1942 - 2015) video clip available

Born on June 14, 1942, in Olomouc Her mother Matylda was of Jewish origin Great-grandmother Josefa Berger died on October 2, 1942, in Theresienstadt Grandmother Olga Eisler was shot on September 5, 1942, in Kalevi-Liiva in Estonia Father František assigned to ... arrows 

Ján Paulíny (1929)

born on January 26, 1929 in Dobrá Niva as a small boy he witnessed events of the Second World War, his family was providing a hideout for a Jewish family and an American airman; Ján was actively helping 1951 his postponed study was cancelled and he enlisted to ... arrows 

Private Jaroslav Peterka (1925)

a Volhynian Czech spent his childhood in Falkovščině in Volhynia a witness of the Soviet occupation of 1939 and the German invasion of 1941 he describes the slaughter of the Mervinsky family in the spring of 1944 he joined the 1st Czechoslovak army corps in ... arrows 

Libuše Pleskačová, roz. Bendlová (1926)

born on July 10, 1926 in Nymburk at the end of February 1945 the Bendl family provided a hiding place for Jewish man František Pick in their attic studied a household school and completed it with apprenticeship in a fashion studio in Prague in 1947 the Bendl ... arrows 

Libuše Přibová (1925)

born April 15, 1925 in Hostomice pod Brdy studied a three-year specialised school for girls’ vocations in Prague, and then a trade academy while she was already working in 1935–1938 spending every summer in the border regions in order to learn German July1943 ... arrows 

Ing., Arch. Zdeňka Rešovská (1936)

Born in Uzhhorod in May 1936 Her father leased a farm, first in Slavkovce and then in Fekišovce in eastern Slovakia From the onset of the war they helped refugees from Poland and hid Jews Her father helped guerrillas They hid in a crumbled in the forest cabin ... arrows 

Jiří Richter (1919)

was born on 4th of December in 1919 in Prague he was trained in trade, but he made his living by working as a manual laborer, from his very youth he inclined to political left, in 1936 he became a member of communist party during the war he joined a resistance ... arrows 

Edith Rosen, roz. Březinová (1926)

born November 18, 1926 in Kadaň comes from a mixed marriage her mother was a Jew, her father was a Czech after her parents’ divorce she lived only with her mother in Karlovy Vary raised as a Zionist member of the youth movement Tchelet lavan after the ... arrows 

Vlasta Rypáčková, roz. Košvancová (1931)

born 1931 in Nové Kopisty father Karel Košvanec supplied Terezian Jews with food throughout the whole existence of the ghetto Vlasta and her mother also took part in helping the Jews towards the end of the war they kept a Yugoslavian officer in hiding father ... arrows 

Růžena Vlasta Říhánková (1920)

born November 26, 1920 in Spišská Nová Ves, Slovakia father worked as a tax bureau official, mother came from Bukovina completed grammar school, in 1938 began studying medicine in Brno after the declaration of the Slovak State in 1939 the family had to leave ... arrows 



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