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Member of Orel

List of witnesses

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Květoslava Blahutová (1935)

born February 4, 1935 in Polanka nad Odrou her father was a farmer, her mother died while giving birth, she was raised by her father’s sister in 1942 Nazis confiscated her father’s farm and land, Totaleinsatz in Germany she witnessed the fighting for Ostrava in ... arrows 

František Cigánek (1930)

Born on 25 January, 1930 in Věžky near Přerov Graduated in 1950 at the commerce academy Studied the Philosophical Faculty at the Palacký University in Olomouc On 29 January, 1953 crossed the state border near Račí valley in Jeseník region Caught by the border ... arrows 

Václav Dvořák (1934) video clip available

born on November 29, 1934 spent his childhood and youth in Ústí nad Orlicí his uncle Stanislav Langr was executed by the Nazis since 1959 living in Jeseník his wife was fired from her job due to her religion disseminating Catholic samizdat participating ... arrows 

Alois Grůz (1926) video clip available

born 21 November 1926 in Zborov his father was imprisoned for three and a half years for listening to foreign radio the family farm was confiscated by the German Settlement Company supported the partisan group Jiskra (Spark) from Zborov employed as a bus ... arrows 

Anna Havelková (1927)

born 3 February 1927 in Vienna as Anna Podolská comes from a deeply religious family of Viennese Czechs during WW2, experienced several air raids on Vienna repatriation process - travelled to Prague, then Kadaň met her future husband Antonín Havelka (married ... arrows 

Konstantin Karger (1929) video clip available

born 8 December 1929 in Bušín near Šumperk messenger for resistance and partisan groups cousings Jan and Alois Karger were Olšany partisans uncle Jan Karger hid the fugitive Soviet POW Alexei Poleshikov in his house in Olšany worked at the Olšany paper ... arrows 

Ludmila Kňourková (1927)

born on 6th June, 1927 in Prague in May 1945 participated at building the brigades during the Prague Upraise following 1948 not allowed to study in the Great Britain worked as a child carer at the Belgium diplomat posted in Prague in 1960s persecuted by the ... arrows 

Růžena Komosná (1920)

born 21 October 1920 in Dolní Bojanovice, Hodonín District 1926, became an active member of Orel (the Catholic sports organisation) and began doing theatre 1931, recorded a song for President Masaryk with the Hodonín orchestra 1943, married Michal Komosný ... arrows 

Božetěch Kostelka (1931)

born in January 1931 in Brno since 1945 active in scouting in 1949 his father and brother got arrested by communists assigned to auxiliary technical troops built bunkers in Svatá Dobrotivá and in Dejvice, and worked down in the Ostrava mines active ... arrows 

Žofie Kubíčková (1931) video clip available

born on 20th November 1931 in Písařov her family owned a restaurant called Kocanda her father Osvald Neugebauer, a Wehrmacht soldier, never came back from the war her step-father Emanuel Krobot joined the partisans and several months later had to hide from the ... arrows 



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