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Svědci lokálních událostí z éry komunismu

List of witnesses

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Věra Čáslavská (1934)

born 18 January 1934 in Chrudim into the family of lawyer Vilém Novák her grandfather, Doctor Eduard Kudrnka, died in the 1950s when interrogated by State Security married Jaroslav Čáslavský, an anti-Communist who delivered documents to Milada Horáková in the ... arrows 

František Ringo Čech (1943)

born on July 9, 1943, in Prague to a musician’s family trained as TV staff worked at Kovoslužba national company studied National Conservatory in Prague was a founding member of Olympic band in 1963 awarded the prize for the best Czech drummer performed ... arrows 

Josef Čermák (1924)

Born November 15, 1924 in Skurách u Slaného Elementary School: dvojtřídka in Hobsovice Graduated grammar school Vaclav Benes Třebízského in Slany Total commitment to Poldi steelworks in Kladno (1943-45). Graduated from the School of Law at Charles University ... arrows 

Pavel Čermák (1957) video clip available

born 9 April 1957 graduated from the School of Law of Charles University in Prague his father Miloslav Čermák was chief of the military review committee at the Central Military Hospital in Prague 1 December 1980, began compulsory military service with the 21st ... arrows 

Božena Čermáková (1933)

born 7 January 1933 in Oldřichov near Duchcov family severely impacted by the financial crisis, father died of tuberculosis Sudetes annexed, targeted by Henleinites after the war, wanted to study pedagogics, fell gravely ill in the care of nuns, decided to ... arrows 

Jarmila Čermáková (1932)

born on 1932 in Přibice in the Southern Moravia a daughter of a gamekeeper, who spent her childhood in the forest lodges experienced bombarding during WW2 witnessed cruelties caused by the Russian soldiers in 1945 chodila přes zaminovaný les do školy after ... arrows 

Anděla Černá (1935) video clip available

born 22 June 1935 in the village of Vranín her family owned a farm in Vranín her father Jan Nevoral spent eight month during WW2 in prison in Jihlava her father Jan Nevoral joined an anti-Communist resistance group led by Gustav Smetana Gustav Smetana’s group ... arrows 

Kristina Černá (1959)

born at 14.7.1959 in Kromeriz she spend childhood in Bratislava she studied psychology at University of Brno she was forced to leave employment in psychiatric hospital in Kromeriz because of pressure to enter KSČ in 1992 she moved to Prague just after the ... arrows 

Vlasta Černá (1933)

born January 19, 1933 in Horní Štěpánov underground church hiding the priest Felix Maria Davídek arrested during the operation “Kameny” (“Stones”) when crossing the state border sentenced to one year prison in Uherské Hradiště clinical psychologist in the ... arrows 

Ing. Milan Černoch (1930)

born on 24 September 1930 in Prague entered the Communist Party in 1947 left the party in 1951, voicing disagreement with political processes and nationalization as a result, was expelled from university worked in steelworks since 1965 employed in the ... arrows 



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