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Svědci lokálních událostí spojených s druhou světovou válkou

List of witnesses

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Aloisie Šmolcnopová (1930)

Born on 21 December, 1930 in Kraslice Between 1931 - 1938 handed over for education at the aunt´s in Chodov 1939 – imprisonment of witness´ foster parents 1945 – displacement of most the family 1946 – mother´s death 1948 – started working in a company Amati ... arrows 

Jiří Šnajdr (1933) video clip available

born April 23, 1933 in Doloplazy began organizing Christian prayer meetings in Mikulovice as part of the charismatic movement 1983 in Šumperk sentenced to 10 months of suspended sentence news of the trial broadcast on Radio Free Europe, Voice of America or ... arrows 

Jiřina Šnoblová (1921)

1921 - born in a mining village near Kladno called Čabárna In 1942, witnessed a raid by the Gestapo in search of Heydrich's assassins in Čabárna In 1943-1945, worked as a nurse in the Divisional hospital at Karlovo náměstí Square in Prague In 1943 - married Jan ... arrows 

Ervín Šolc (1927) video clip available

born on 24 July, 1927 in Liberec comes from a mixed German-Czech marriage joined the Hitlerjugend on 3rd January, 1945 joined the Wehrmacht since 23rd February, 1945 served in Italy at 114th hunter´s division as a machine-gun shooter active against the ... arrows 

Pravoslav Špoula (1923) video clip available

born 23 September 1929 in Prague participated in the Prague Revolt the sole survivor of a group of seventeen resistance fighters worked at the Committee for Interior National Security - 1st Battalion of the National Defence Corps border unit of the NDC in ... arrows 

Ing. Václav Šrámek (1927)

born July 25, 1927 in Zagreb his father was active in the Czechoslovak Union in Yugoslavia Václav Šrámek and his brother were members of the Czech Boy Scout organization in Zagreb in 1939–1941 they were helping refugees from the Protectorate in 1941 his ... arrows 

Jan Štach (1925)

29th September 1925 born at Pozděchov, Moravian Wallachia 1937 student of the Masaryk Gymnasium, Vsetín 1940 brother Slávek, member of the Defence of the Nation, arrested by the Gestapo, died in prison helping partisans as a messenger during the war farmer ... arrows 

Markéta Šťastná, roz. Jochmannová (1939)

born on April 25, 1939 in Bučovice near Brno she was a child of parents of different nationalities – her mother was a Czech and her father was a German her father had to join the wehrmacht in 1942 during WWII she and her mother lived in Peruc and had to face ... arrows 

Venuše Štefková (1927) video clip available

born July 29, 1927 in January 1939 forced to leave the border region and go to Morávka from February 1944 helping the partisans December 14, 1944 - court martial in Morávka sentenced to imprisonment in a prison for young delinquents the prison was liberated ... arrows 

Mária Šteruská (1933)

born on May 1, 1933 in Prague after the warlike regime of Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia was established, the whole family moved to Bratislava Mária’s father got a job in Tungsram and received a dispensation of “economically important Jew” Mária’s father ... arrows 



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