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Svědci lokálních událostí spojených s druhou světovou válkou

List of witnesses

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Dušan Straňák (1926)

born on 19 August 1926 in Brno grew up at a farm in Velké Pavlovice in 1945 witnessed the liberation by the Soviet army in 1948 participated in a student demonstration against the communist putsch in 1950 graduated from law at Charles University in Prague ... arrows 

Jozef Strašík (1929)

born on May 18, 1929 in Papradno, district of Považská Bystrica October 4, 1951 his father Leopold died after being imprisoned for 2 months in the same year October 1, 1951 Jozef enlisted in the Auxiliary Technical Battalions (PTP) after the return to civilian ... arrows 

Dov Strauss (1924)

born 25 March 1924 into a Jewish family in Benešov nad Ploučnicí 1934, moved to Jihlava member of the Zionist group Makabi ha-ca’ir April-August 1939, Hachshara retraining course in Brno October 1939, travelled to Denmark with a group of Zionists one year ... arrows 

Jindřich Strauss (1939)

Born on 29 July, 1939 in Chlumec near Chabařovice Comes from a mixes Czech-German marriage, learnt Czech at elementary school The last living aborigine in Dolní Žleb Father´s family was of socially democratic thinking and at the end of 1930s agitated against ... arrows 

Anna Strelkov, roz. Hofmanová (1925) video clip available

born 29 August 1925 in the village of Teremno in Volhynia, Poland Czech origin attended nine years of primary school 1936/1937, started studying at a Czech foundation school in Lutsk experienced the Soviet and Nazi occupation of Ukraine worked for the ... arrows 

MUDr. Alena Strnadová (1933)

born February 20, 1933 in Prostějov her father was gathering intelligence for a partisan group during WWII graduated in 1951 continued with her studies at the Faculty of Medicine at Palacký University in Olomouc, later she transferred to Masaryk University in ... arrows 

MUDr. Jaroslava Struková (1932)

born on September 8, 1932 in Uzhgorod in Carpathian Ruthenia 1939 – she and her parents fled from Hungarian occupation of Carpathian Ruthenia in the 1950s she faced problems with admission to the faculty of medicine of Masaryk University in Brno due to her ... arrows 

Ivo Středa (1927)

born on April 27th 1927, in Košice, Slovakia moved to Kladno in April 1939 due to the resettlement of Czech intelligence by the authorities of a new-born separatist state of Slovakia witness of Hungarian air raid on Slovak military airport in Spišská Nová Ves ... arrows 

Mgr. Eva Střížková (1935)

born December 25, 1935 in Jihlava lived with her parents in Prague during the war her father Pavel Kypr was interned in Terezín during the war for his resistance activity her mother Ela Kyprová died as a result of multiple sclerosis in 1944 Eva stayed with ... arrows 

Emilie Suchá (1924)

Born on 19 July, 1924 in Churáňov in Šumava January 1945, assigned to forced labor in German Kassel May 1945, experienced the stay of U.S. troops in Churáňov Watched the escape of the hotel owners, the Pešl family, from the state security to the West Was ... arrows 



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