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Svědci lokálních událostí spojených s druhou světovou válkou

List of witnesses

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Jana Štroblová (1936)

Born on July 1, 1956 Studied Czech and Russian at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University From 1960 an editor in the National Publisher of Children's Literature Wrote poems and texts that irritated the socialist censors In 1970 she lost her job due to ... arrows 

Stanislav Štýs (1930)

born 22 October 1930 in Chudeřín near Litvínov during WW2, worked at a joinery with POWs 1954, graduated from the Forestry Faculty of the Czech Technical University in Prague during the normalisation, expelled from the Communist Party university lecturer ... arrows 

Miloš Šuchma (1940)

born on 6 February 1940 in Prague his father was a jeweller; in 1952 he was sentenced in a show trial to two and a half years in prison was not admitted to university for political reasons in the Teplotechna factory became acquainted with IT following the ... arrows 

Jarmila Šulcová (1927)

born 1927 in Mladá Boleslav 9 May 1945, witnessed the Soviet bombing of Mladá Boleslav after the war, graduated from medicine in Prague worked her whole life as a doctor at the hospital in Mladá Boleslav, where she specialised in paediatric cardiology member ... arrows 

Drahuška Šulentićová (1935)

Born on 4th February, 1935 in Malé Zdence in today´s Croatia Comes from Czech family of Pařízeks, her ancestors came from Bohemia at the end of the 19th century Father died at the end of WW2, family suffered from many tragedies In 1946 almost all relatives ... arrows 

Otakar Švarc (1931)

Born on the 21st of January 1931 in Zákřov, a village near Olomouc. 1944 his mother suddenly dies. On the 18th of April 1945 Zákřov was raided by Russian Cossacks. On the 20th of April 1945 father and older brother were among the 19 men that were brutally ... arrows 

Zdeněk Švéda (1934) video clip available

born on the 24th of July 1934 in Šumperk spent his childhood and early years in the village of Na Horách (Olšany) the oldest living native-born citizen of Na Horách witnessed people being hidden from the Gestapo in Na Horách in May 1948 his family home burnt ... arrows 

Marie Švirgová, roz. Svačinová (1936)

born 2 July 1936 in Lanžhot 1945, witnessed many local incidents as the battlefront passed through Lanžhot 1950, first job in Břeclav 1957, married Pavel Švirga 2017, travelled to the US for the first time to lecture on traditional culture and folk traditions ... arrows 

Martin Tadian (1903 - 1991)

born on March 15, 1903 in the village Kľak in Slovakia worked as a forest worker served as the village mayor during the period of WWII the village Kľak was burnt to the ground on January 21, 1945 as a revenge for the villagers’ support of partisans lost his ... arrows 

Vladimír Talášek (1938)

Born on 1st January, 1938 in Hranice na Moravě The son of a colonel, Vladimír Talášek, executed by the Nazis in 1942 His uncles, Oldřich and Jaroslav, were important officers Whole family was persecuted by the communists after 1948 and lost its property In ... arrows 



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