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Political prisoner in WW2

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Nazism (3266) Political prisoners (2409)

List of witnesses

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Josef Hroch (1920 - 2015)

born 7th April 1920 in Janoušov, Lanškroun district supported partisans and stockpiled ammunition during WW2 imprisoned in Šumperk by Nazis from April to June 1944 hid Russian captives towards the end of the war retreating German artillery chose its defensive ... arrows 

Mikuláš Hulín (1922 - 2015)

born November 26, 1922 in Carpathian Ruthenia after the Hungarian occupation as a partisan on his way to Prague arrested by the Gestapo, he escaped before being handed over to the Hungarians again arrested by the Soviets while attempting escape to the USSR, ... arrows 

General (ret.) Antonín Husník (1921 - 2011)

was born on 17th November in 1921 in Pilsen in January 1941 he had tried to escape to France, where the Czechoslovakian units were forming, but he was caught in Hungary and returned back to Protectorate for the escape he was sentenced in Nuremberg to three and a ... arrows 

Karel Hýbek

he was born on October 2nd 1919 in Kostelec nad Labem town; his father was a professional soldier he graduated from high school in Rokycany town he attended former College of the Mechanical Engineering until the closing of Czech Universities in November of 1939 ... arrows 

Jana Chalupová (1939)

born January 14, 1939 in Nový Bydžov graduated from mathematics and physics at the Pedagogical Faculty in Ústí nad Labem in 1962 married into a family from Jiřice in the Polabí (Elbe River) region helped to chronicle the story of her husband’s family (Mr. and ... arrows 

Libuše Chourová (1924)

Born in Prague on June 8th, 1924, her family lived in Ústí nad Labem. After the Sudetes occupation the family settled down in Roudnice nad Labem. At the time of Heydrich reign she and some other students from Roudnce grammar school were interned in Malá pevnost ... arrows 

František Ištván (1914)

rural background, father died soon after birth during the First World War strong interest in literature, poetry Teacher's Institute, Znojmo Grammar School intern school, success in military school, NCO Defence of the Nation (Obrana národa), arrested and ... arrows 

Jan Jančí (1919) video clip available

born 1919 in Veselíčko during the war provided a hiding place for partisan Josef Fiala in 1944 imprisoned in Olomouc and in the Mauthausen concentration camp for several months witnessed the burning out of Javoříčko by Lüdemann’s squad on May 5, 1945 several ... arrows 

Milena Janda (1935)

was born on 7th April 1935 in Prague since 1940 her father worked for the Resistance movement 1941 her mother arrested and imprisoned 1943 her father was arrested 8th May 1945 both parents returned from prison February 1948 her father emigrated summer ... arrows 

Oldřich Jedlička (1922) video clip available

born February 10, 1922 in Bořetice in the Břeclav region in 1942 conscripted labour in BMW in Frankfurt am Main arrested for sabotage and interned in the Flossenbürg concentration camp 1943 transferred to the Dachau concentration camp death march in April ... arrows 



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