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23. 2. 1949 – Beginning the forced agricultural collectivisation

Related epochs

The Fifties - 1948 - 1959 (2441)

List of witnesses

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Petr Výboch (1947)

born on 9 June 1947 in Stráž pod Ralskem his parents Petr and Marie Six lived in Croatia, then after 1939 in Germany and after 1945 in Czechoslovakia his uncle’s and aunt’s farm was nationalized in 1948 his family moved to Stráž nad Nisou in 1953 in October ... arrows 

Marie Vyskočilová (1928)

born in March 1928 in Blatnice pod Svatým Antonínkem married in 1946 and their four children were born between 1947 and 1964 the family was forced to sign their agreement with joining the Unified Agricultural cooperative in the 1950s since that time until 1982 ... arrows 

Eva Warausová (1932) video clip available

Born on July 26th, 1932 as Eva Nováková Family owned one of the biggest farms in the area Family members were hit by the bombing of Kyje in 1945 Russian soldiers occupied their farm after the war, destroying things Sister and future husband were expelled from ... arrows 

Antonín Zajíc (1921 - 2013)

born in Ruda nad Moravou on April 22nd, 1921 attended primary school in Zvole graduated from Commercial College in Olomouc in 1942 sent to forced labor in Bernsbach in Niedersachsen in the same year refused to come back to forced labor from his holiday, was ... arrows 

Marie Zajícová, roz. Hotařová (1937)

born on August 4, 1937 in Menhartice her mother was a teacher, her father was a farmer after the end of WWII, soldiers spent the night in their barn and they left behind an unexploded grenade witnessed the deportation of Austrians after the war graduated from ... arrows 

Petr Záleský (1927)

born June 21, 1927 in Mutěnice learnt the shop assistant’s trade, in 1947 went to Prague in 1949 began his military service in Prešov, then assigned to work in the Dukla Mine in the Ostrava region married Julie Trávníková in October 1953 disseminating ... arrows 

Vlastimír Zamastil (1930) video clip available

born January 2, 1930 in the village Lhůta (Vysoké Mýto) the family was persecuted during the collectivization process from September 1951 till March 29, 1954 served in the 68th Auxiliary Technical Battalion in 1952 his father Josef Zamastil spent four months in ... arrows 

Ivo Zapletal (1934 - 2014) video clip available

Born in 1934 in the village Krčmaň Witnessed the liberation of Krčmaň in 1945 His uncle, Ladislav Loveček, was involved in the so-called Krčmaň affair Studied at a grammar school under the auspices of the Kroměříž Archbishop Persecution of his family during ... arrows 

Mirko Zelenka (1923)

Born on October 20, 1923 in Vrapice near Kladno In the years 1938-40, he completed an apprenticeship in the Poldi steelworks in Kladno for a machine locksmith In September 1943 forcibly assigned to the Technische Nothilfe in Berlin In the summer of 1944 ... arrows 

Miloslav Zídka (1934) video clip available

Born on 15 November, 1934 in a village of Lensedly near Říčany 1940–1948 elementary school in Hrusice and secondary school in Mnichovice 1951 the father was pronounced gulag, arrested and imprisoned 1953 family was violently evicted from Lensedly in the ... arrows 



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