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23. 2. 1949 – Beginning the forced agricultural collectivisation

Related epochs

The Fifties - 1948 - 1959 (2594)

List of witnesses

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Markéta Šťastná, roz. Jochmannová (1939)

born on April 25, 1939 in Bučovice near Brno she was a child of parents of different nationalities – her mother was a Czech and her father was a German her father had to join the wehrmacht in 1942 during WWII she and her mother lived in Peruc and had to face ... arrows 

Karel Štěpánek (1907 - 2008)

Born in the village of Staré Teremno in Volynia on November 1st, 1907. Remembers the events of WWI. Became a leader of a choir in 1932 in Staré Teremno. After the arrival of the Soviet troops at Volynia in 1939 he had to go to work to the woods. Moved to the ... arrows 

Jiří Štěpánovský (1961)

born 28 March 1961 in Mělník 1975-1979, attended a secondary school of agriculture in Blatná 1979-1981, compulsory military service with the inner guard 1981, employed at Byšice Agricultural Cooperative 1985, married, moved to Mečeříž Agricultural ... arrows 

Robert Štipka (1928) video clip available

Born on January 19th, 1928 Dedicated his whole life to circus Descendant of the oldest Czech circus family Performed since the age of five Visited a different school every three days during childhood Their circus was nationalized after 1948 Traveled ... arrows 

Monsignor, ThDr. Josef Šupa (1937)

born on 19 November 1937 in Mutěnice, southern Bohemia his father traded building materials in 1948, the communists expropriated the family firm and confiscated all property in 1949, his father was sentenced to four years, serving time in Jáchymov uranium ... arrows 

Jaroslav Šuster Homola (1932)

He was born on December 13, 1932 He witnessed a burning down of his native village in February 1945 In the years 1947 to 1952 Jaroslav attended the grammar school in Banska Bystrica In the late 1950s, he served as a headmaster of the national school in Baláže ... arrows 

Alena Šustková (1941) video clip available

born 25 January 1941 in Radonice nad Ohří family persecuted during the collectivisation 4 May 1953, her father Josef Nims was sentenced to four months in prison 16 July 1953, the family was expelled to Vikantice her father was landed with three more sentences ... arrows 

Miloslav Šváček (1941) video clip available

Born on February 2, 1941 in Střítěž nad Ludinou The family was persecuted during collectivisation of agriculture Since 1969 a leader of the catholic youth section of the Czech Esperanto Union In 1969 - 1977 a leader of the summer camps of the catholic ... arrows 

Radslav Švéda (1949) video clip available

born 2 September 1949 his grandparents Mr and Mrs Kasparides had their factory in Kolín nationalised in 1948 his parents’ farm in Lošany was confiscated and the family was evicted his father Václav Švéda joined the Mašín Brothers’ resistance group his father ... arrows 

Jiří Švejdar (1922)

Born on the 24th of May 1922 in Český Boratín, Volhynia; his father the mayor was famous for protecting the village from hardship. Became a sergeant. Artillery observer of the 1st. Czechoslovak Army Corps, on the Eastern Front. Fought at Dukla, took part in the ... arrows 



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