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15. 3. 1939 - The Nazi occupation of ČSR

Related epochs

The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (6303)

List of witnesses

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Věra Čechová (1934)

born on the 18th of June 1934 in Prostějov father Miloš Fleischer – pilot of the director of the Vítkovice ironworks, later worked for Československá letecká společnost (Czechoslovak Aviation Company) in 1939 her father went abroad to fight for the liberation of ... arrows 

Josef Čermák (1924)

Born November 15, 1924 in Skurách u Slaného Elementary School: dvojtřídka in Hobsovice Graduated grammar school Vaclav Benes Třebízského in Slany Total commitment to Poldi steelworks in Kladno (1943-45). Graduated from the School of Law at Charles University ... arrows 

Lumír Čermák (1923)

Born on August 24, 1923, in Orlová in Silesia 1928 – joined the Sokol 1934 – joined the 1st Boy Scout Troop – Scouts of the RČS in Orlová 1943–1945 – after his graduation he was assigned to the anti-aircraft police in Ostrava and to the paramedics In April ... arrows 

Božena Čermáková (1933)

born 7 January 1933 in Oldřichov near Duchcov family severely impacted by the financial crisis, father died of tuberculosis Sudetes annexed, targeted by Henleinites after the war, wanted to study pedagogics, fell gravely ill in the care of nuns, decided to ... arrows 

PhDr. Zlata Černá (1932)

Born on 7 October, 1932 in Prague 1939 – father´s immigration to exile 1946 – father´s return from exile, and his death In 1948 as a gymnasium student participated in a school protest In 1951 accepted to FF UK in Prague to study Chinese and Far East history ... arrows 

Mečislav Černý (1919 - 2012)

born in 1919 to a Czech family living in Warsaw, Poland 1928 the family returned to Czechoslovakia – Dubňany near Hodonín graduated from grammar school in Hodonín began working in the Baťa factory in Otrokovice in 1941, then transferred to Zlín January 1943 ... arrows 

Jozef Činčala (1921 - 2007)

born on October, the 28th, 1921 in Slovakia, in Čadca region after he trained to be a machine fitter in Vítkovice he was sent to work in Germany in 1941 he escaped back to Slovakia he worked as a civilian for a while, but then he was mobilized and entered the ... arrows 

Jan Čipera (1923)

Born on August 7, 1923 Mother Božena Čiperová (Klausová) was an orphan, her legal guardian was Tomáš Baťa Dominik Čipera, the father of Jan Čipera, was the closest associate of T. Baťa, after his death, he became the managing director of the Baťa Company. He was ... arrows 

Jaromír Čížek (1924) video clip available

born on 17 June, 1924 in Dolní Beřkovice near Mělník began to attend Higher Industrial College in Roudnice nad Labem on 20 June, 1942 got arrested in connection with so called students´ persecution in Roudnice imprisoned in the Small Fortress in Terezín ... arrows 

Alois Čoček (1925) video clip available

Born in 1925 in Střítež nad Ludinou Worked for the railways in Nuremberg Bombing of Nuremberg Attempt to flee abroad Sentenced to 10 years in 1949 Bory prison, Pankrác Jáchymov labor camps (Bratrství, Rovnost, Ležnice) Brother Josef was an agent of the ... arrows 



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