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27. 5. 1942 - Assassination of R. Heydrich

Related epochs

The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (6529)

List of witnesses

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Ladislav Hošek (1924)

born August 4, 1924 in Čkyně, in the Vimperk region shortly after his birth the family moved to Strakonice 1942 completed a three-year vocational trade school studied a school for display-designers in Prague and began studying a trade school, from which he ... arrows 

academic painter Josef Hošna (1926)

1926 born in Brloh 1942–1945 studied to become a porcelain painter in České Budějovice 1946–1947 and 1949–1951 work in the porcelain factory in Nová Role 1948–1949 army service 1952–1057 study at AVU in the studio of professor Vratislav Nechleba 1958 ... arrows 

František Hovora (1914 - 2011)

born August 7, 1914 in Pardubice studied a trade academy, worked in a carpet shop military service in 1936-1938, served in Slovakia a member of Sokol anti-Nazi resistance in Pardubice and environs hid paratrooper Jiří Potůček from the group Silver A during ... arrows 

Jiří Hovorka (1930 - 2015)

political prisoner, born 27th August 1930 in Prague end of the war, lived in Prague-Dejvice, retained a journal from that time after the war, took an active part in the politics of the Czechoslovak National Socialist Party studied at an English grammar school, ... arrows 

Marie Hrbková (1922)

born in August 1922 in Prague as Marie Jandová her father Karel Janda worked as a shoemaker, her mother Anastázie was a housewife as a five-year-old she moved with her family to a farm in Kanice in the Domažlice region in 1938 witnessed the mobilization and ... arrows 

Václav Hrdlička (1930 - 2016)

born 31st December 1930 in Pozdeň, near Slaný learnt the blacksmith craft military mobilisation in 1938 occupied by the German army in March 1939 everyday life around Slaný during the war arrests during the Heydrich Retaliation the Hřešice tragedy - a ... arrows 

Jana Chalupová (1939)

born January 14, 1939 in Nový Bydžov graduated from mathematics and physics at the Pedagogical Faculty in Ústí nad Labem in 1962 married into a family from Jiřice in the Polabí (Elbe River) region helped to chronicle the story of her husband’s family (Mr. and ... arrows 

Libuše Chourová (1924)

Born in Prague on June 8th, 1924, her family lived in Ústí nad Labem. After the Sudetes occupation the family settled down in Roudnice nad Labem. At the time of Heydrich reign she and some other students from Roudnce grammar school were interned in Malá pevnost ... arrows 

Milena Janda (1935)

was born on 7th April 1935 in Prague since 1940 her father worked for the Resistance movement 1941 her mother arrested and imprisoned 1943 her father was arrested 8th May 1945 both parents returned from prison February 1948 her father emigrated summer ... arrows 

Herbert Jarošek (1925 - 2016) video clip available

born 1925 in Prague knew the family of T. G. Masaryk conscripted labour in the Autoarma factory in Holešovice during WWII participated in the Prague Uprising in May 1945 study of medicine surgeon in the Pod Petřínem Hospital in Prague, in the University ... arrows 



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