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JUDr. Zdeněk Kučera (1928)

I began working as a barrister in the worst possible time


Zdeněk Kučera was born in 1928 in Prague. During the war he and his schoolmates had to flee from school several times in order to take cover during air raids. He was helping to build barricades during the Prague Uprising. After the war he completed his studies at the Law Faculty, where he specialized in international private law. As he claims, in the period of the harshest communist lawlessness he tried to defend justice, and he also served as a barrister for farmers who were affected by the collectivization process. He did not get involved in the political trials, because he was still considered too young and untrustworthy for that. He spent the time of the Soviet invasion to Czechoslovakia in 1968 in the Netherlands, but he returned home to his family. He was teaching at the Law Faculty in Prague during the normalization era as well as in the 1980s. He did not face any problems in his job, but his children had troubles with being accepted to secondary schools. Zdeněk continued tea ...arrows 

Defence counsel in a case of defamation of public official

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Hana Šebková (1931)

born on May 15, 1931 in Tanvald into the family of shoemaker Ota Dlouhý she had brother Jiří who was three years older after the annexation of Tanvald to Germany in autumn ... arrows 

PhDr., CSc. Jiří Březina (1933)

born April 6, 1933 in Prague his father was persecuted by the Gestapo during WWII for helping Jewish citizens he was saved from execution by being hospitalized in the ... arrows 

Matěj Šarközi (1948)

born on 2 December 1948 in the Roma settlement of Čaradice, Slovakia graduated from a higher agricultural school in Nová Baňa in 1967 started his military service in Písek ... arrows 

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Cesty Paměti národa


1. června se v Plzni otevře venkovní výstava, která připomene historii jejích židovských obyvatel, osvobození Američany a operaci Canonbury. arrows 

Soutěž pro česko-slovenskou veřejnost „Příběhy 20. století“: vítězové vyhlášeni

26/05/2017, Tisková zpráva Post Bellum

Ve čtvrtek 25. května večer se v Praze rozhodlo o nejlepších dokumentaristech-amatérech roku, soutěž „Příběhy 20. století“ měla své finále.arrows 

Pro Paměť národa běželo přes tisíc lidí

21/05/2017, Tisková zpráva Post Bellum

V sobotu 20. května se k charitativnímu Běhu pro Paměť národa připojilo 1164 lidí, což je ve srovnání s loňským ročníkem více než dvojnásobek.arrows 

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