Věra Weberová

* 1934  

Celé nahrávky jsou k dispozici pouze pro přihlášené uživatele.

Mum suffered her whole life knowing she didn’t save both children

 Weberová Věra
Weberová Věra
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Věra Weberová was born on 10 January 1934 into a Jewish family in Brno. Her parents, Pavel and Greta Bader, owned a general merchandise wholesale. On 18 January 1943 the whole family - that is the parents, Věra, and her four years older brother Jiří - had to join a transport. They passed through a collection point in Uherský Brod and continued to the ghetto in Terezín on 23 January 1943. In Terezín, Věra lived in the children‘s home (Kinderheim), her mother worked in a factory splitting mica. On 23 October 1944 the whole family except for the mother, who was protected by her work, was supposed to get on a transport to Auschwitz. The mother hid her daughter Věra - she did not join the transport, and the two of them remained in Terezín for the rest of the war. The other members of the family left Terezín and died in Auschwitz. Věra and her mother were liberated in Terezín on 8 May 1945, and together they returned to Kyjov. All of their closer relatives had been murdered. After the war, Věra finished primary school and continued with her studies at the Upper Secondary Social-Medical School, which she graduated from in 1953. She applied to study at a medical faculty, but she was refused for her Jewish origin. Even today, Věra Weberová works as a volunteer in the health service. She has a son, Jiří, and two grandsons.