Myrna Rosa Padrón Dickson

* 1964

  • “All I want for today's Cuba is the thought that it has coherent thinking. To what may be an atomic bomb right now. There has to be coherent thinking about freedom, economy, the relationship between one another, because it can get out of hand. As we always used to say: 'The Cuban, Cuban, is a brother, wherever we are, in whatever situation we are”.

  • “I also say this to the activists, and to the activists who do the demand programs. If you have $ 10,000 to file a lawsuit against racism in Cuba, fine, $ 10,000. Of these ten thousand, you spend five thousand on stickers. You have done nothing, you have done nothing, because for me, the defense goes first to the needs of the people whom you are going to defend, to their spiritual needs. We must first empower this victim - not the victim, the victimized. First empower there, empower economically, empower an awakening of conscience ”.

  • “When we talk about a black person in Cuba, we talk about the black person who has studied, who has a family, who has become empowered, who is a great worker, and so on. But then he messes up, then from the expression itself, only from the expression, you can already imagine how one can feel, how children can feel, and especially girls. Black girls are the most latent victims of racism in Cuba. Because it all starts with discrimination of their hair, that's where it starts ”.

  • “For children and adolescents, now with this awareness that I have now, the Revolution means an obstacle, it was an obstacle, because all the time we were directed towards something. All the time we were under the condition that if you don't think like me, if you don't do what I say, you are not with me. And even worse, if you don't do what I say, if you don't follow my slogans, you're not Cuban! So right now, with the conscience that I have, as an activist, as a feminist, right now I'm in solitary”.

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You have to be black to experience racism

Myrna Rosa Padrón Dickson
Myrna Rosa Padrón Dickson
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Myrna Rosa Padrón Dickson, born in 1964, considers herself a free being, because throughout her life she has dedicated herself to community and social work in order to support the Cuban population and mainly the minorities in it. She is a promoter of the LGBT + movements, feminists and groups against racism, her interest in these causes is based on the disinterest of the Cuban communist government by intimidating and not protecting the basic rights of these minorities. Myrna is the founder of the socio-artistic projects “mirArte diaDía” and “Casa Tomada Mirarte”, the second, she takes her place in her house in the Marianao marginal neighborhood in Havana. She organizes workshops, seminars and disseminates different educational courses. She resides with her girlfriend, Syria González, in Marianao, and the two are intensely dedicated to dismantling the racist, discriminatory and exclusive discourse that persists in Cuban society, as an indispensable pillar for the change towards a democratic Cuba.