Doc. PhDr., CSc. Zdeněk Kukal

* 1932  †︎ 2021

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To devote a life to rocks and to the ocean

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Doc. PhDr., CSc. Zdeněk Kukal

Zdeněk Kukal was born on 29 November 1932 in Prague. In 1955 he graduated from geology at Charles University in Prague and found a job in the Central Institute for Geology (at present called Czech Geology Service). He has published a number of academic and educative texts. Initially he had focused on the study of sediments and igneous rocks, later shifting his interest towards oceanology and oceanography. He was a visiting researcher at universities in Baghdad and Kuwait, undertaking a year-long internship in the Iraqi institute for geology. Since the early 90s he was a member of the Government Council for Research and Development. In 1990 he was named associate professor and obtained his PhD. In 1992-1997 he was director of the Czech Geology Service. Zdeněk Kukal died on December, 12 2021.