Květa Korečková

* 1944

  • "My husband was delivering, that's when the lunch stuff was done. Then I did the take-out for the deep-frozen food. My husband took it right away and took it away. And when the situation was the worst, maybe I was left alone. The officers said, 'Don't worry, we're outside, we'll look after you,' but it was unpleasant. 'We're here, we're coming to get you,' those were the slogans in the streets, it was ugly."

  • "Three buses arrived, one of which was from Čáslav. And my aunt from Schořov also came to see the cross on that bus, so I joined her. She took me in her arms and with them I got to the church. I know that there were these steps and that a gentleman was lifting me because I had to see everything. So I could see directly, as it was, that there was nothing arranged or any installation, not at all. The cross was bent, or I should say bent. Or what I would call it - tilted, you couldn't see that maybe it was on something..., not at all, it was fixed and it stayed tilted like that."

  • "That was my first great childhood love, he was so terribly kind. He used to go to Tunochody for religion and he used to walk through Tunochody to Zbýšov, which was about 11 kilometres. And we used to play on the hill. I was one house over from the house. And the Zelinkas used to have a pub there, and there was a little hill and a ditch, it was elevated, and we used to play there. And when he went, I had to go first. We got in line and we greeted him. And I went around the whole thing and I was the last one to go. And he smiled so beautifully, and I still wonder to this day what he was thinking. Was he really happy that I did it, or was he thinking, 'Stupid girl, she thinks I'm not going to figure it out?'"

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When parish priest Toufar was arrested by the StB, mourning reigned in Číhošt‘

Wedding photo, with husband Miroslav, 1960s
Wedding photo, with husband Miroslav, 1960s
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Květa Korečková, née Trojanová, was born on 20 January 1944 in Tunochody in the Havlíčkobrod region. Her parents were small farmers and due to her father‘s illness she had to help her parents from early childhood. At the age of less than six she witnessed the so-called miracle of Číhošt‘. After primary school she joined the Unified agricultural cooperative in Číhošt‘. At the age of 19 she joined the Communist Party. In 1964 she married Miroslav Koreček. Together they had two children - Miroslav and Marketa. Gradually she supplemented her education and changed jobs. She worked as an accountant, an inspector of vocational training, in Jednota in Havlíčkův Brod. In 1986, she and her family moved to Prague, where she joined the Interhotel Panorama. From 1989 she worked at the Administration of the National Security Corps as a professional economist. During the Velvet Revolution she and her husband supplied the riot police. After the collapse of the communist regime, she started a private business. She and her husband ran canteens and butcher shops. In 1999, the Municipal Court in Prague sentenced her to six and a half years in prison. She perceived the sentence as unjust and appealed to Strasbourg for her release. She worked in Prague at Hope with homeless people. For many years she took care of her husband, who had been fighting cancer for 16 years. In 2022, she was living in Holice.