Otakar Klepárník

* 1957

  • "What he talked about very often and with grief was how they took everything from them. He talked about it. He always went to a pub after the church on Sundays, and when he came out of the pub, they regularly argued with my father, who was such an activistic young communist. It is an exaggeration to say that every Sunday afternoon my grandfather, a dekulakized farmer, strangled my father - a communist. I know that he cursed this moment all his life, he cursed the new system. He felt sorry for the horses, mainly because he really liked horses. So, I know this has raised or determined me in some way.”

  • " I had a conference premiere there during a general strike, because Honza Edlman was away somewhere and Jirka Kašpar, who was supposed to do it, was somewhere in court and did not return. So, I turned some box over, some fruit box, and presented the general strike. There we were afraid of the reaction of the workers from Bořiny, because the Bořiny looked so reserved. Overall, workers from the big... it was THT, Ponas and Bořiny ... those workers looked so reserved. So, we were afraid of how it would be. We declared a general strike in smaller operations or, where we were. A lot of people came from there, and still the workers from Bořiny were not there – and until now I still have goosebumps… thirty years and I am not able to do it… Suddenly such a rumble, stomping and from Tylák through Tyršova street, the workers from Bořiny were coming. So many of them, the street was full. We took that as a moment of victory. They came and expressed support and solidarity and it was settled, from that point of view in Polička and its surroundings."

  • "After a very short time, we were all on that team, as we said, we were all summoned to the police station in order to check the identity card where our State Security officer was waiting for us. So, we were a kind of contact of the State Security, all of us who went abroad, including associated production management. And just regularly, before each journey, sometimes after each trip, they tried to get some information from us. My State Security Officer always loaded me in the car, except that I was in the police station, so he always loaded me in the car and drove me somewhere in the woods and there he tried to get some information from me. Asking me what I saw abroad, with whom I was talking, if anyone contacted me to do something."

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When the workers arrived at the general strike in Polička, it was clear that we had won

Otakar Klepárník in 1973
Otakar Klepárník in 1973
zdroj: archive of the witness

Otakar Klepárník was born on May 28, 1957 to Ludmila and Otakar Klepárník. He grew up in a solitary place near the village Jamné in the Vysočina region. The communist dekulakized his maternal grandfather, they confiscated his farm, while the witness‘s father joined the communist party. Otakar was playing sports since he was fifteen and wanted to become a professional cyclist. This dream came true after the military service in the late 1970s. He found great satisfaction in sports, but also favouritism or doping. He stood in opposition to these bad habits and sought correction. For protesting against the cheating of another athlete, he received a six-month ban on competitions and a one-year ban on going abroad. He ended his professional career in 1987 and began his career as a technician and sales representative in Polička. He was then supervised by a member of the State Security, but the witness never signed the cooperation. In 1989, he became one of the organizers of the demonstrations and the general strike in Polička. He co-founded the Polička Civic Forum, in which he was involved until the elections the following year. In his free time, he started a business and founded the successful company Medesa. He created an ethical concept for the sustainable development of the company and the entire region. In 2020 he lived and worked in Polička.