Chava Inbar

* 1949

  • Chava Inbar (CI): "I felt like I was going home." Intereviewer: "You really felt you were going home?“ CI: "I didn't know whether I could find Slavonice. We had a car and went by the map, my son and I. We saw the sign Slavonice, and I started crying. I felt like... This was something that belonged here, I did not think it was that serious."

  • Interviewer (I): "You said your mother had been homesick?" Chava Inbar (CI): "Much." I: "Did she use to tell you about Bohemia and home?" CI: "Yes. And about the War. When I was still a child, she told me about the War, and she kept telling us that we must tell so that people don't forget what had happened."

  • Chava Inbar: "Because my father was happy in Israel, he did not talk much about the War. He lost the whole family, and he had a large family. No one returned. He survived only because he had fled and stayed in the forest. That is how he survived the war. Then they captured him and he was a soldier in Svoboda's army." Interviewer: "In the eastern army." Chava Inbar: "Yes."

  • "Before I came to Bohemia – had never been in Bohemia before – I hadn't seen the house at all. I had a dream that I saw the house from within and felt what was happening outside. I knew that something bad would come from the left, from the left hand side. When I came to Slavonice and was actually in that house, I knew this was the house I dreamt about. There was this place: I saw two doors, two rooms in my dream. Now, I could see only a room without a door. Then an architect came, looked at the wall, and we saw there was a staircase and a door, but they walled it in, so there was a door. Then there was an exhibition about the arrival of the Nazis in Slavonice, and it was apparent they had come from the left, as I saw it in my dream. I didn't know what it was, I just felt it was something bad."

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Home is where the soul is

Chava Inbar
Chava Inbar
zdroj: Eye Direct, Post Bellum

Chava Inbar was born in 1949 in Haifa to emigrants from Czechoslovakia. Her mother came from from Slavonice, where her family operated a textile factory. Her mother endured the ghetto in Theresienstadt and Auschwitz. Married before Chava was born, her first husband did not survive the Holocaust. Chava‘s father came from Mukachevo and went into hiding during the War, later joining Svoboda’s Army. As a Zionist, he asked to move to Israel, where the family lived until 1949. While her father got accustomed to the new country, her mother never felt at home there. Chava‘s mother eventually died of cancer in 1966, her father passing later in 2000. Chava, who worked as a jewelry maker most of her life, visited the Czech Republic in 2000, and has since then regularly returned. Chava Inbar lives in Haifa with her two children in the Czech Republic, who settled here.