Vincent Hollý

* 1928  †︎ 2021

  • "Next to the entry to the forestry station there was a crate as big as this table. There was ammunition in it, and we had to take it. So we took two two-by-fours - one here, one there and put them together. So we took the crate the four of us like that and two other men in their hands. We went towards Cicmany. From the crossroad we went two kilometers further and then turned left into the forest.There was a troop of Germans camping there. The officer there was worried thatwe would tell the partisans where they are staying, so the partisans would attack them. We knew, because two of us understood German. They told us afterwards. So as soon as we arrived we set the ammunition aside and we had to muster. As we stood in line he said "Alles schiessen!!" Shoot everyone! He screamed and shouted and couldn't be reasoned with, just shoot. But the two Germans tht took us there, they said we weren't partisans. That we worked for them. That we brought them dinner and dug bunkers. So they let us go. By morning they were gone." Vincent with the rest of the captives carried a crate of ammunition for the Germans. After that they wanted to kill them so they would not tell their position to the partisans." 1:00:44 – 1:02:32 Vincent and the other prisoners carried a box of ammunition for the Germans and they wanted to shoot them, because they would not be betrayed to the partisans.

  • "12 partisans fell, as they were running down that meadow they fell. They are buried there and there's a monument also. The mayor of the town had a problem, because he alowed to bury them there. And they were buried 14 days. And there were two that were herding sheep there. And they left the sheep alone and went to see the graves. All of a sudden two Germans appeared. One of their soldiers was missing so they went to look if he's not buried there. So the two Germans made the two shepherds dig up the graves to look for the missing German. When they were finished they wanted to take them to the forest to shoot them." The Germans made the two shepherds dig out the graves of the fallen partisans to check, if there's a German soldier buried with them and then took them to the forest to shoot them." 0:24:40 – 26:40 The Germans forced the two shepherds to dig up the buried partisans and check if there was a German soldier among them, and then they wanted to shoot them.

  • "Our contact ran very often between Klak and Kunerad. They went through Fackov. I remember - I was uphill by those sheep that time. It was misty that morning, and it was also raining a bit. The Germans charged the partisans - this way was to Klacno and this way to us. This side, this side and also this side was occupied, but here they took over without firing a bullet. If they would, they would woken up the guards. They were resting at the time. The Germans charged at the partisans when they were almost naked and barefoot. So they couldn't escape in any direction so they went this side. They weren't even dressed properly, so they ran as they were." 0:22:29 – 0:24:16 Remembering 25th September, when 16 partisan soldier died uder Klak in Fackov pass.

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The officer mustered us and said „Alles schessen!!“ (Shoot everyone!!)

Vincent Hollý - historical photo
Vincent Hollý - historical photo
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Vincent Holly was born on 18th January 1928 in Fackov to Anton Holly and Maria nee Mikulova. He was born the seventh out of nine children. They were farmers. He attended school in Fackov. During his school years World War II came into their lives. From 1943 partisans started to appear in Fackov. At first the command center of The second partisan brigade of M.R.Stefanik was based in the school, later it moved to Kunerad. The hillside village under Klak was perfect for partisans and rebels to hide in. In summer 1944 they settled in Fackov pass under Klak and built an anti-tank trench. The pass was an entrance point to the Rajecka valley from Prievidza and Hauerland. Vincent was meeting them while herding sheep. The German troops were attacking very often and on 25th September 1944 after dawn they managed to shoot 12 partisans and another 4 later. The village was visited by the German often. They used the local men for digging bunkers, fetching food and ammo. With the the comming of the front, the German troops took over Fackov and the Allies occupied the surrounding area. Vincent and his brothers ran to the hills, where they spent two weeks. Boys over 16 years were held captive in the church. Vincent had to dig bunkers and carry ammo as well. He was almost killed when he brought some ammo to a bunker behind the village. Fackov was freed by the Romanian and Soviet armies on 29th April 1945. After the war he stayed on his parents farm, joined the army and later got married. He was a driver almost his antire life, and is retired for 32 years now. They had 3 children, 6 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren with his wife Cecilia.