Charlotte Geier, geb. Böhm

* 1931  

  • „We Germans have not got any meat at the Czechs, no meat at all, and butter; only margarine. We children went begging in the evening, into the milk shops, if there were any leftovers to spare. Or to the butchers; we went in and they gave us greaves, so we squeezed them..., the fat was..., sometimes you got a bit. ´Motzke: From the Czech owners? They helped us too. Geier: ´Yes, and we went to the bakers, in the evening, sometimes we got a roll, sometimes a piece of bread, because we could not enough to on the ratio food cards.”

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Sometimes we got a roll

Charlotte Geier, geb. Böhm
Charlotte Geier, geb. Böhm
zdroj: sběrač Radek Motzke

Charlotte Geier, born Böhm on 23rd May, 1931, grew up in Jeseník-Bukovice, house no. 7. Her father was a shopping assistant in a grocery store, her mother had a grocery store in Bukovice. The family was well situated. They could afford a servant maid. In September 1938 Charlotte and her mother escaped to the German Reich. During mobilisation the war was feared. They came back after the German troops´ invasion. After the war the father was interned. He was seriously injured in forced labor. He was released in 1946. Then the family drove back to Germany with a transport. Their beginnings were difficult. There was little to eat. They begged farmers for fruits and vegetables. The father has done some assistant work. Charlotte has trained to become a seamstress. In the early 1950s she married. She had 4 children and 4 grandchildren. Until today travels to Jeseník and maintains contacts with the locals.