Pavel Gejza Fehér

* 1939

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From a bakery to a coal mine

Pavel Gejza Fehér portrayed as a miner
Pavel Gejza Fehér portrayed as a miner
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Pavel Gejza Fehér was born on the 27th of November in 1939 in the village of Bükkszentkereszt in Hungary. He spent the WWII in an orphanage because his mother died soon after his birth and his father was conscripted to the army. His father was taken prisoner by the Soviet army but after the end of war in 1945, he managed to return and find his son. Together, they moved to Czechoslovakia, first to Chlupatá Ves in the České Budějovice region, then to Janová Lehota in the Banská Bystrica district in Slovakia. In Košice, Pavel Fehér apprenticed as a baker. In 1959, he moved in search of job to the Ostrava area and got a job in the coal mines. He worked as a miner until his retirement in the 1990‘s. At the time of recording (2014), Pavel Gejza Fehér lived in Orlová.