Mgr. Eva Číhalová

* 1938

  • "The most beautiful thing happened on May 4th. Namely, the patrol of American soldiers went like this from Rožmitál here via Březová Hory somewhere further. There he was sitting in that one jeep, it was the same jeeps, in that one jeep, I mean in the other, a black man, sitting like this in the back with a big smile from ear to ear. Well, as we waved at him, he threw something away. And he threw it like this to the barracks, and now we were afraid to touch it, because it was like a briquette. Mom said, then when they left and people left, Mom said, 'Come on, let's try, it's not a grenade, he certainly wouldn't throw it.' And it was chocolate, so hard. Such a rectangle and rather a thick one. Of course, my mother distributed to everyone in the barracks, to my aunt, grandmother, so we all tasted chocolate. That was the first chocolate I tasted in my life.”

  • "And now they have told us that they are giving us forty extra marks, that they cannot let us go home because that would put us in danger. So that we have the money for refreshments, for small gifts, but we must not buy newspapers and we must not use them for the phone. We were in that room, we heard everything there. And when we returned to the rooms, all the radios were gone, because we had a radio in every room. Of course, all the phones in the hallways were gone, too.”

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I stick to the scout‘s motto: Scout, help yourself!

Eva Číhalová (en)
Eva Číhalová (en)
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Eva Číhalová, née Horká, was born on January 6, 1938 in Slovakia into the family of a Czech father and a Hungarian-speaking mother from Košice. In 1939, due to the establishment of the Slovak state, they had to move back to Bohemia. She spent the war in Březové Hory near Příbram, where in May 1945 she met American soldiers and tasted chocolate for the first time in her life. In 1946 they moved to Březnice, where their father got a job. My father was imprisoned in 1952 as a scout official, and neither Eva nor her older brother were allowed to study high school. Eva was finally allowed to finish the grammar school in Příbram and the school for teachers in Pilsen. She and her husband moved to Příbram in 1962, where she taught at the 5th primary school there. In 1967 she was allowed to finish university, she taught music education and physical education. In August 1968, she and her man went on a tutor´s trip to the then German Democratic Republic. After the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia, they were not allowed to return home, they were isolated at the hotel with the others and were not allowed to enter Czechoslovakia until August 26. All her life she played sports, played handball, basketball and athletics. She also trained in athletics and in 1972 she got with her team to the finals of international doubles in Mongolia. After the revolution, she was the director of the primary school in Višňová, where she also founded a scout unit, which she led. He lives in Příbram, has two sons.