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Eva Roubíčková (1921 - 2013) - Records

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  • born 16th July 1921 in Žatec
  • father Arnošt Mändel a grammar school teacher, veteran of WWI
  • 1938, fled the Sudetes because of Jewish descent, family lived in Prague
  • 1941, deported to the Terezín ghetto
  • farm work
  • took part in smuggling goods into Terezín, she and other prisoners were supplied by Karel Košvanec, a railwayman from Bohušovice
  • parents killed in gas chambers in 1944
  • remained in Terezín till end of the war, then happily reunited with pre-war fiancé Richard Roubíček, married, brought up two children
  • author of The Terezín Diary [Terezínský deník], published in 2009
  • she died 1.12.2013.

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Interview recorded in the framework of the project: Stories of 20th Century, language Czech.
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