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Doc. Dr. Ing., CSc. Ján Gronský (1928) - Biography

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We'll send you to England - talk your father into working for us

Doc. Dr. Ing. Jan Gronský, CSc. was born on the 25th of May 1928 in Likavka, Liptov district, near Ružomberok. His father was of Jewish descent, however he left the Jewish community in 1928, and Ján Gronský grew up in a bigoted Catholic family. Ružomberok was the hub of the People's Party (Ľudová strana), a fact which had a decisive effect on local life. At grammar school, Gronský joined an anti-Fascist resistance group. After they were discovered, he was expelled from school and finally forced to flee with his siblings to Hungary, rejoining his father who had left earlier. Despite a forced stay in a Russian battalion, he reached the 4th Brigade of the 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps, where he remained until the end of the war. The same brigade coincidentally liberated Ružomberok. His mother was accused of helping partisans and was sent to her death in the Ravensbrück concentration camp. After the war, Ján Gronský became a member of the Communist Party of Slovakia. He graduated from the Political and Social University in Prague, and started work at the Faculty of Law of Charles University in 1952. His father emigrated to England, and as a Communist, Gronský let himself be persuaded to cooperate with State Security, in the sense that he would talk his father into working for them. However that was unsuccessful. He himself emigrated in July 1968 - first to Austria, then Italy, and later to his father's widowed wife in England. But he soon returned. He was expelled from the party, but allowed to retain his place at the faculty. He is a lecturer at the department of constitutional law and a very popular teacher. His long-standing interest is constitutional history, a subject he also publishes articles on.

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