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Milan Fekiač (1932) - Biography

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Replaceable slaves, nothing else we were for that regime. Our lives meant nothing

Milan Fekiač was born on August 1, 1932 in Detva. His parents Martin and Emília, née Výbošteková owned a small farm and a pub. During the Slovak National Uprising and the following passage of armies they were many times endangered due to false accusations of their own family. After the communist takeover, in 1952 his father was arrested for not meeting the compulsory delivery quotas, accused of high treason, and sentenced to 18 months of imprisonment. Subsequently, in 1953 Milan Fekiač was dismissed from studies at the University of Forestry and Wood Technology in Zvolen and called to attend the penal military service in units of Auxiliary Technical Battalions (PTP). There he worked hard in mine Fučík 1, in Petřvald area. After returning to civilian life, he got married in 1958 with Angela Petrášová and they had two daughters together. In later years of normalization he worked as a driver of international freight transport TIRKO, what caused that he was under constant supervision of the regime and he had to undergo several interrogations. Since 1991 he lives retired in Detva.


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