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Jan Soldán (1966) - Biography

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I fell to the very bottom and I found out that I had the most of all

Jan Soldán was born April 11, 1966 in Libina. The turning point in his life was when he saw a propagandist and manipulative document ‘Attack on Culture' in 1977. He subsequently became one of the so-called ‘Máničky,' or members of the underground subculture movement. In 1985 Jan began organizing secret concerts of underground music bands. At first he organized several smaller concerts in Libina and Oskava. On January 25, 1986 Jan Solván married Jana Vrbová, and during the celebration of their wedding in the cultural centre in Obědná (part of Libina), he organized a music festival where the very best of the Moravian underground movement bands performed. More than three hundred people took part in the now legendary festival which even featured a professional sound system. The Antirockfest, which took place in the same year at a remote farm in Oskava, was a great success as well. This concert was already monitored by the members of the StB Security Police, but in spite of that Jan still managed to organize further events. However, he was already under close surveillance by the StB and the members of StB were regularly taking him for interrogations. When he signed Charter 77, presented to him by Petr Cibulka, the situation became even worse. He was fired from his job in Uničov Machinery Works, and since nobody wanted to employ him, he was running the risk of being charged with ‘parasitism' with subsequent imprisonment based on the laws of the time. Jan thus had to sell all his household equipment, which eventually also contributed to the breakup of his marriage. StB tried to make him leave the country and they offered to process all the necessary documents without hassle. However, Jan Soldán remained in Czechoslovakia and he was eventually able to see the fall of the communist regime. In the 1990s he organized music festival ‘Rock za koně' in four subsequent years in Uničov. He also experienced a pervitin addiction. In 2017 he lived on a leased land in Uničov where he has been keeping horses for several years.

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