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Ing. František Šedivý (1927) - Biography

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Day and night, one was hungry all the time

František Šedivý was born on July 2, 1927 in Zadni Treban. During WWII after German terror was unleashed following Heydrich’s assassination, he was expelled from his high school (lyceum). He was sent to lJunkers factory in 1944. At that time he got involved in the resistance against Nazis as a messenger. He joined resistance again, this time against communist regime, after communist putch in February 1948. He distributed fliers, managed twice to lead refugees across the border in Sumava Mountains, and as a student at a university was one of the organizers of a group that was preparing for the anticipated fall of the regime. In early 50s he successfully uncovered an agent and a provocateur Golda. For that he was arrested in 1952 and sentenced to 14 years in prison. He was jailed in Mirov and many other prison camps in Jachymov region: Central Camp, Camp L – so called Tower of Death, Bytiz and Vojna. He was released on probation in February 1964.


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