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Marie Bartoňová (1928) - Biography

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I helped whenever necessary

Marie Bartoňová, née Babincová, was born on 11th September, 1928 in a Moravian town of Štramberk. During WW2 her father supported the local guerrilla in Štramberk. She experienced tough times witnessing house arrests led by the gestapo, when her parents were arrested and imprisoned. At that time she had to work on their family farm on her own. She risked her life, as she was illegally bringing food and family letters to her father and other prisoners in Opava. With her husband, Jaroslav Bartoň, who was also a resistance member in Štramberk, she actively participated in regular reunions of anti-fascist fighters after war. All her life she has been remembering the terrors of the WW2 to others, so that they were never forgotten. In 2016 lived retired in Prague 4 - Podolí.

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When: 03/01/2017 00:46:31
Author: Jan Holik, Amateur researcher
Title: Cenné svědectví
Paní Bartoňová podává velice cenné svědectví o pomoci štramberským partyzánům ze strany její rodiny a o její odvaze při předávání jídla a dopisů odsouzeným vězňům v Opavě.
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