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Leopold Färber (1928 - 2015) - Biography

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While the guard was beating me, he accidentally struck my glass eye and it fell out

Leopold Färber was born in Stará Halič in Slovakia on October 31, 1928. He grew up in Boskovice. His father was a Jew; his mother was a devout Catholic. Their mixed marriage saved them from their deportation to the extermination camp. As a boy, Leopold, nicknamed Hurvínek, acted as a messenger between the anti-Nazi resistance groups. After 1948, he decided to carry on with the resistance activities. He founded a group with his two brothers Josef and František Marek, who wanted to damage the Police School with their secretly acquired explosives. However, the explosives blew up by an unlucky coincidence in the Färbers' flat and Leopold lost one of his eyes. The State Security arrested him along with Josef Marek in May 1950. It was shortly after the children from his Scouts' group had distributed leaflets saying 'Death to Communism!' around the neighborhood. Leopold Färber didn't know about them, he only inspired the children by his narrations about the war. The Court sentenced him to sixteen years in jail; he served eight years of his sentence. After his release he worked in road construction for many years, and he was finally allowed to arrange shop-windows. He died in 2015.

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