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Libuše Caltová (1921) - Biography

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I took life as it went

Libuše Caltová (née Blechová) was born December 30, 1921 in Lysá nad Labem. Her mother died when she was four years old. Libuše attended school in Litol, and it was mainly her elder brother who took care of her at that time. When she completed the elementary school in 1935, she began apprenticing as a milliner. While doing the apprenticeship she met her first husband-to-be for the first time. A week after their wedding her husband was sent to Berlin to do forced labour there and Libuše was ordered to start working in the company Vichr and Co. in Lysá nad Labem. She did hardwork, welding with oxy-acetylene torch, and she experienced air raids by allied airplanes during which she also got to know her second husband. After the war she went to the border region where she worked in millinery stores, in cafés, restaurants, and also in a shop selling gramophone records. Since that time she still remembers various opera arias even at her current age of 94 years. In protest against the invasion of the Warsaw Pact armies in 1968 she tore her member card of the labour unions. She outlived even her third husband and now she lives in the seniors' home in Prague 8 - Ďáblice.

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