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Mgr. Eva Štolbová (1935) - Biography

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I wanted to be imprisoned so that I´d show them if there was a trial

Eva Štolbová was born on 23 July, 1935 in Ostrava. She survived the war in Zlín, where she experienced air-raid by the alliance troops in 1944; her father cooperated with the partisans during war. After war the family moved to Prague, the witness went to La Guardi gymnasium in Letná and then studied Czech at the Pedagogic Faculty of the Charles University. She worked as an editor in the Czechoslovak TV and created a number of literary dramatic programs and dramatisations of Czech and world-known authors. In her name the texts of forbidden authors were published. She had a relationship with an American saxophone player Tony Scott and later with a Slovak writer Dominik Tatarka. In 1979 she had to leave the television and then she taught in a baker´s and business training centre. In 1988 he co-founded the Democratic initiative and offered her flat for its meetings. On November 19, 1989 she was also founding the Civic forum. She described her experience in several books, which were published after revolution.

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