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Jitka Lišková (1940) - Biography

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I could not even feed cows with my employee report

Jitka Lišková, née Schönbachová, was born on 12 July, 1940 in Černovice near Tábor. Her father was a boss in a gardening centre, came from five brothers, three of which were owners of a leather company Schönbach in Černovice. The factory was nationalised in 1948 and two out of three brothers immigrated to Argentina. Due to their emigration the Schönbach family was tried to various problems with the regime, which eventually resulted in the indictment of almost all relatives, including a father of the witness, who was charged with stealing property and a bad attitude to the democratic system. The father of Jitka Lišková was sentenced to serve six months in prison and a deprivation of civil rights. After releasing from prison he worked as a brick layer. Despite various troubles the witness managed to learn to be a gardener and despite having found a job in a gardening centre in Slapy near Tábor. In 1967 she married and had a new family. Both her parents died in 1968. In 1989 she was a co-founder of the Civic forum in Nová Cerekev and enthusiastically awaited new regime. Her request for returning old family factory has been refused with reasoning was rejected on the grounds that the factory owner Václav Schönbach had no Czech citizenship. Jitka Lišková lives in Nová Cerekev, has two sons and three grandsons.

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