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Vladislav Rzyman (1925) - Biography

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Vladislav Rzyman was born on 25 June 1925 into the family of Wladek Rzyman, an officer of the Polish army. His mother had trained as a seamstress. He spent his childhood together with his sister Stanislava. In the beginning of the war his father voluntarily signed up for forced labour in Germany because as an officer of the Polish army, he was in danger of receiving the death penalty. Vladislav's mother took her children on a journey east, on foot. After three months they reached their native town. In 1943 Vladislav Rzyman, as a citizen of German Silesia, was drafted into the German army. He underwent training with mountain rangers in Austria and Germany, and he was then assigned to the French Pyrenees and the French midlands. He served as a field messenger. In 1944 he was transferred to Greece, where he fought against Greek partisans. He deserted the army and worked as a baker in Serbia. After the war he was employed as an electrician in Český Těšín. He and his wife raised two daughters, Uršula and Kristýna.

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