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Jaroslav Šedivec (1925 - 2017) - Biography

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Sport followed me everywhere, and always I enjoyed it

Jaroslav Šedivec was born on 24 February 1925 in Chrást near Pilsen. His parents owned a farm (post No. 31). His oldest brother Václav took to farming the most. Jaroslav followed his second brother Vojtěch to study at the Upper State Technical School of Mechanical Engineering in Pilsen, and he started work as a design engineer at the Škoda Works. Already as a child he took an interest in sports, he was a member of Sokol and of the Workers' Sports Union, during the Protectorate years he did competitive skiing and athletics. His brother Vojtěch Šedivec (1921-1944) joined the anti-Fascist resistance in the illegal National Revolutionary Committee in Chrást. On 11 November 1943 he was arrested by the Gestapo, a German people's tribunal sentenced him to death. On 18 October 1944 the Nazis executed him in Dresden. However, Vojtěch had managed to send word from custody by his girlfriend, telling of the whereabouts of the group's list of resistance members. Jaroslav destroyed the list, so that the Gestapo never got hold of it. The brothers thus saved the lives of many people. The witness took part in the 5th Winter Olympic Games in St Moritz, which were held in January and February 1948. He was there as a backup for the military patrol race. As part of a reorganisation of the army, in December 1950 the Ministry of National Defence summoned him for extraordinary military training for indeterminate length of time. That was the beginning of his military career, he became a professional soldier, and he remained in the armed forces until his retirement in 1983. In the years 1956-1969 he held the post of commander of the 11th Anti-Aircraft Unit. A review panel removed him from the function because of his refusal to accept the Warsaw Pact occupation of Czechoslovakia and because he allegedly organised resistance to the Soviet army in August 1968. He then worked in the 259th Anti-Aircraft Brigade, at the 1st Army Headquarters - Anti-Air Defence Section, at the 19th Motor Rifle Division Headquarters, and at the 20th Motor Rifle Division Headquarters. Jaroslav Šedivec passed away on August, the 22nd, 2016.

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