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Ing. Ondřej Vojtěch Soudský (1952) - Biography

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I promised that I would come back. And I cannot break my promise


Ondřej Soudský was born July 18, 1952 in Prague. His parents Eva and Bohumil Soudský worked as archaeologists in the Archaeology Institute of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. From 1970 his father was employed as a lecturer at the Sorbonne in Paris, where he unexpectedly died in 1976. Ondřej graduated from the Academic Grammar School in Prague and from the University of Economics, majoring in statistics. He worked as a statistician in the Central Computing Facility of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. While a university student, he converted to Christianity and he got acquainted with members of the Dominican Order which he eventually decided to join. Catholic orders were banned in Czechoslovakia since the 1950s, and they became officially restored only after 1989. Activities of the members of the Order were done illegally. Just like others, Ondřej Soudský went through preparatory training which was conducted in private apartments and parsonages where members of the Dominican Order lived undercover. Upon joining the Order he accepted the name Vojtěch. The bishop of Erfurt Hans-Reinhard Koch secretly ordained him a priest in 1987 in Leipzig. Not even Ondřej's mother knew about his ordination. He publicly appeared only in November 1989. In 1991-2000 he was the administrator of the parish of the Sts Philip and Jacob church in Prague-Zlíchov. In 2000 his superiors transferred him from the Prague monastery to Pilsen where he became a priest for the Virgin Mary of the Rosary parish. The bishop František Radkovský appointed him a bishopric vicar for schools and education in the Pilsen diocese.

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