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Captain Adolf Vodička (1913 - 2012) - Biography

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This is the way it goes, each day is a different story, today they praise you as a saint and tomorrow you will be a swine

Adolf Vodička was born on 26th January 1913 in Libočany u Žatce, North Bohemia into a Jewish family. His father died when Adolf was one year old. He graduated at a two-year German economical school, and then he worked in different occupations. He was a member of the Sokol and the Youth Organization. In 1937 he left as a volunteer to Spain where he fought in the International Republican Brigades. When the Interbrigades were dissolved he moved to France where he witnessed the beginning of the World War II. After the defeat of France in 1940 he left to the Great Britain and he was discharged from the army. He married a Czech, Hana Levitová. He worked as an assistant to the vice-chairman of the Czechoslovak National Council, Václav Nosek, he cooperated with the New Czechoslovakia journal. After the war he was a member of a settlement committee, in the first half of the 50s he worked at the intelligence department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He had to leave the ministry and eventually worked in the Political Literature Publishers (Nakladatelství politické literatury). Between 1962 and 1964 he helped to establish the Czechoslovak Cultural Center in Cuba. In the period from 1965 to 1967 he worked as a ČKD representative in India.


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