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Zoe Klusáková-Svobodová (1925) - Biography

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The most difficult thing was to find someone willing to take us in and risk their life for us.

Professor Zoe Klusáková-Svobodová was born on the 4th of December 1925 in Uzhhorod. She is the daughter of the former Czechoslovak president Ludvík Svoboda, and the wife of the diplomat and long-standing Czechoslovak culture minister Milan Klusák. Her family moved homes according to where her father was transferred to (Transcarpathian Ruthenia, Hranice, Kroměříž). After Czechoslovakia was occupied and Ludvík Svoboda went abroad, the rest of the family (including Zoe, her mother, and her brother Miroslav) took part in the resistance (helping paratroopers). Their group was discovered and from 1941 to 1945 they lived in hiding in Hroznatín in the Czecho-Moravian Highlands, and in Džbánice near Moravský Krumlov. Her brother died in the Mauthausen concentration camp. Zoe Klusáková-Svobodová is a professor at the Faculty of Law (Charles University in Prague), she translates from Russian, she has written various articles on economics and agriculture, a memoir "O tom, co bylo" [About How Things Were - transl.] (Prague, 2004), a biography of her father, and she was editor for his "Deník z doby válečné" [Journal from the Time of War - transl.]. To this day, she spends considerable effort tending to the memory of her father.

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When: 24/08/2011 15:07:18
Author: Michal Šmíd, Other specialisation: administrator
Title: Poděkování autoru fotografií Janu Garovi
Správci Paměti národa tímto velice děkují panu Janu Garovi, který poskytl k publikaci své fotografie pořízené během návštěvy Zoe Klusákové - Svobodové na památných místech tzv. Ostravské operace v dubnu roku 2009.
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