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JUDr. Gabriel Szász (1929) - Biography

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There was many a blessing in disguise in my life

Gabriel Szász was born in 1929 in Bratislava in a Jewish family. Before the war, he lived with his parents and brother in Bratislava. He became a member of the Hashomer Hatzair Jewish organization. In 1938, his brother Antonín went to Palestine, where he later joined the Czechoslovak army. After the foundation of the Slovak State, the family was subjected to anti-Jewish measures. After the suppression of the Slovak National Uprising of 1944, Gabriel’s parents went into hiding to the countryside, staying with the Klanduchova family in Kostolné. Unfortunately, they eventually didn’t escape the Auschwitz concentration camp, where they perished. Gabriel was hiding in a shelter until the liberation by the Red Army. After the war, he studied law and later taught at the Trade-Union College in Měšice in Prague. In 1957, together with his wife and son he moved to Sokolov, where he worked in the mines. After August 1968, he was expelled from the Communist Party and had to leave his managerial post. Mr. Gabriel Szász lives in Sokolov.

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