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Růžena Lamáková, roz. Sacherová (1939) - Biography

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Ever since they kicked us out of Prague I have been longing to come back.

Růžena Lamáková, née Sacherová, was born on 25 September 1939 in Prague in a family of the Czechoslovak army general, Vilém Sacher (1907-1987) and Růžena Sacher, born Hasalová. Her father participated in the WW2 actively on the Western and the Eastern front. She spent her childhood together with her brother in Prague, where she visited an elementary school. In 1951 her father was released from the army due to political reasons and whole family moved out of Prague. First they moved to Mladá Boleslav, later to Skalice u České Lípy, Jablonec nad Nisou, Doksy u České Lípy a Liberec. Růžena Lamáková was not allowed to study due to political reasons and worked as a clerk. In 1959 she married and left to Chomutov with her husband, who unfortunately died a year and a half later and she returned to her parents, who settled in Špindlerův Mlýn. There she worked first as a room-maid and later as a cultural officer. Her parents returned to Prague after the general Sacher was rehabilitated in 1966. Růžena Lamáková often moved, lived in Chomutov, Rotava and České Budějovice. She also returned back to Prague, where she worked as a telephonist.  Today she still lives in Prague.

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