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Colonel (ret.) Emil Boček (1923) - Biography

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Such crashes after the take-off usually result in death. So I was extremely lucky that I survived that


Emil Boček, a group captain in retirement, was born in Brno-Tuřany in 1923. He secretly left home in 1939, he wasn't even seventeen years old. He got to Beirut through the Balkan. As a private soldier of the infantry regiment he took part in the retreating fights in France in the summer of 1940. He was already in Britain in 1940 and he joined the Air Forces. First he served as a mechanic of fighter planes. In October 1942 he was admitted into the pilot training and therefore he could become one of the youngest Czechoslovak pilots who experienced operational flights during the Second World War. Emil Boček says that he is the very youngest one of all the still living RAF pilots. He was admitted into the RAF, he served as a mechanic in the 312 Squadron. He was in his pilot training from October 1942. In 1943 he left for his training for Canada (province Alberta, towns De Winton and Medicine Hat). From October 1944 he served as a fighter pilot in the 310 Squadron, he experienced 26 operational flights. He left the Air Force in 1946, he opened a motorbike garage. He was not affected by the persecution in 1948. He left willingly for the Mototechna enterprise. He has lived in Brno all his life (except for the War), he lives in Brno-Bystrc at present.

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