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Petr Motejl (1946) - Biography

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“He killed my friend. It should have been me instead.”

Petr Motejl was born in 1946. He originates in Planá nad Lužnicí, but when he was a kid, his family moved to the region of Děčín, where the witness still lives today. After his apprentice as a locksmith, he was prematurely drafted to military service in 1963 at the age of 16. He was assigned to the border guard and after a short training in Český Těšín and a short service in Domažlice and Rozvadov, hejoined the troop "Železná" (Iron). Here, he witnessed a tragic event. He swapped a shift with his friend Josef Ulrich, who was killed while patrolling by his fellow border guard Dobřichovský. Dobřichovský deserted and fled to Western Germany. After this event, the unit was split and Motejl finished his service in a troop in Jedlina na Tachovsku. After his service, he had a number of jobs (a waiter, railroad man), and finally ended up working as a bus driver in Děčín, where he stayed till his retirement in 2009.

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