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Lidé pomáhající partyzánům během 2. svět. války

List of witnesses

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Zdeňka Calábková (1937) video clip available

born in 1937 in Zákřov near Olomouc her parents were hiding a Jewish family in 1945 witnessed the Zákřov massacre on 18th April 1945 her father Oldřich Ohera was killed together with 18 other men in a cabin near Kyjanice lives in Zákřov ... arrows 

Maria Sergijivna Cigankova, roz. Zbirun (1924) video clip available

born 14 August 1924 in Pisnikiv near Mlynov, Rivne Oblast, which was Polish territory at the time 1943, her whole family was killed from 1944, cooperated with partisans from the Ukrainian Insurgent Army cooked food for the partisans and passed on messages ... arrows 

Peggy Croydon roz. Štědrá (1930)

born 9 September 1930 in Prague as Peggy Štědrá her father was a Jew, her mother a Christian; one sister her father was a philatelist, his business sustained the family 1939, the business was confiscated, her parents formally divorced and lived separately ... arrows 

Marie Čechová (1926 - 2014) video clip available

Born in 1926 in the village of Javoříčko Her brothers, Václav Vlček Jr. and Ladislav Kryl, were members of a partisan group Jermak – Fursenko She’s probably the oldest eyewitness of the burning down of Javoříčko village on May 5, 1945 Her father, Václav Vlček ... arrows 

Božena Dardová (1928)

Born on 19 November, 1928 in Malá Ludina in Croatia In 1938 father wanted to join the general mobilisation, but Croatian bodies banned them Husband of the witness, Karel Darda, imprisoned and arrested in a concentrations camp in Jasenovec for helping refugees ... arrows 

Jaroslava Doležalová (1925 - 2018)

born 31 January 1925 in Žďár nad Sázavou comes from a family that owned a restaurant, a butcher’s shop, and a farm in Žďár nad Sázavou married aged 19 to avoid forced labour in Germany 1944, sheltered the five-year-old Jaroslava Wilhelmová, whose Jewish mother ... arrows 

Vladimír Dušek (1932) video clip available

Born on October 11, 1932 As a young boy, he saw Nazis burning down the village of Ležáky His father helped the resistance for which he was denounced by his neighbour in his native village Švihov At the end of the war, he saw how a local collaborator wanted to ... arrows 

Jarmila Erbanová (1944)

born on 1 April 1944 her father was a medical doctor who was hiding Jews during wartime her uncle was a member of the Obrana národa resistance organization her father-in-law organized the resistance in the Mělník area witnessed the Soviet bombing of Mělník on ... arrows 

Milan Fekiač (1932)

born on August 1, 1932 in Detva during the Slovak National Uprising and he and his family were many times endangered due to false accusations of their own family became witnesses of endangering fabricated accusations in 1952 his father was arrested for not ... arrows 

Amálie Fojtíková (1929) video clip available

Born in Rajnochovice, Kroměříž District, in 1929 Spent her childhood in the Koliby community The family supported the guerrillas of the 1st Jan Žižka Czechoslovak Brigade Uncle František Řepka and cousin Vladimír Řepka joined the guerrillas Chief of the ... arrows 



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