Ewa Ziemiańska

* 1951

„I remember the martial law period very well. On 14 December, when I came to work, I was sent home on leave. I was allowed to return to work at the end of January, and then the verification of all the employees of the publishing house began. I was verified negatively and dismissed from work. (...) Later, after a court appeal, I was reinstated. But there was no work for me. I came to work every day and sat there for several hours. I was also interviewed for some time to try to persuade me to leave my job. I think they wanted to mobilise me for this kind of activity (opposition activity)“.

Born in 1951 in Środa Śląska. She graduated in Polish philology from Wrocław University. After graduation she worked at Wrocław University of Technology, among other places. In the 1970s she began working in the administration of the Wrocław branch of RSW Prasa-Ksiąka-Ruch (a Polish publishing house established in 1973 as a result of the merger of the „Prasa“ Workers‘ Publishing Cooperative, the „Książka i Wiedza“ publishing house and the „Ruch“ Press and Book Popularisation Enterprise), which published daily newspapers in Wrocław (Gazeta Robotnicza, Słowo Polskie and Wieczór Wrocławia) and local weekly magazines. In 1980, she joined „Solidarność“ and became the treasurer of the Works Committee of NSZZ „Solidarność“. After the introduction of martial law, she was dismissed from RSW, appealed to the Labour Court and was reinstated. In 1989, she began working for Wieczor Wrocław, where she was responsible, among other things, for the magazine editions of this popular Wrocław afternoon paper. She is currently retired.