Paweł Skrzywanek

* 1965

„This upbringing indicated that I was never associated with the regime party. I will tell you anecdotally that I never saw a May Day parade. My father had an aunt who was a nun (...) and always on the 1st of May, my father ostentatiously got on the bus with me and we went to visit the nun‘s aunt. Therefore, believe me, I have never seen a May Day parade in my life“.

Born 1965 in Wrocław. Since 1977 participant of the Light-Life Movement (Catholic Church renewal movement). In 1981 activist of the Pupils‘ Committee for Social Renewal. Since 1982, he has been a distributor of underground press; still a pupil of the High School, he took part in the Academic Pastoral Services in Wrocław. Since 1985 an activist of the underground structure of the Independent Students‘ Union at the University of Wrocław. In 1986, student animator of the Dorota Academic Pastoral Care at the parishes of St. Dorota, St. Stanislaw and St. Wenceslas in Wroclaw. Arrested and interrogated several times. Since 1985 author of articles published (most often under the pseudonym Marcin Rychter) mainly in the underground magazine NZS UWr „Komunik“; participant of recording and broadcasting of the underground Radio NZS. In 1986 he co-founded the local government group „Dwunastka“. Since 1987, a collaborator of the underground magazine „Wrocławski Student“. Initiator of the establishment, then chairman of the Young Catholics Movement. 1988-1989 editor of the underground magazine „U siebie“. Since 1987 collaborator of the Polish-Czechoslovak Solidarity movement. Participant in activities aimed at re-legalisation of NZS (e.g. in the Voivodship Court in Warsaw). In 1990, on the list of the „Solidarity“ Civic Committee, councillor of Wrocław City Council, then vice-chairman; 1991-1994 Director of the Culture Department of the Wrocław City Hall, later associated with local business. Awarded the gold badge for the Care of Monuments (2002), badge of Merit for Polish Culture (2004), bronze medal of Merit for Culture Gloria Artis (2005), Officer‘s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta (2007).