Alicja Grzymalska

* 1966

[on the day martial law was imposed] „Mom made us sandwiches, gave us a camera and a tape recorder and sent us out to the city to take pictures because she said that it would be a day that would surely become historic and that we should document it. (...) And my sister and I went out and took photos of tanks (...) and that‘s how it started“.

In 1986-1989, she was involved in the activities of youth underground organisations in Wrocław. She was a member of the Fighting Solidarity, the Independent Students‘ Association, the Polish - Czechoslovak Solidarity, and the Orange Alternative. In her flat, meetings of activists of youth organisations, including the Orange Alternative, were held. She took part in the student strike at the University of Wrocław and the Solidarity Fighting manifestations. She was involved in the distribution of underground press and painting graffiti on the walls. After graduation she started working for the Polish Radio Wrocław. She completed an internship in the Polish section of the BBC Radio in London. She cooperated with the Lower Silesian Television. She has made a number of documentary materials. Today she makes documentaries