Marian Charukiewcz

* 1940

„For me, the desire to harm Moscow was greater than the threat. I even felt pleasure“.

Born in 1940 in Stare Troki near Vilnius. Graduate of the University of Wrocław, Institute of Polish Philology (1965). In 1956 he and his family were resettled to Góra Śląska near Rawicz in Poland; founder of the Circle of Friends of Lithuania at the Society of Polish-Soviet Friendship, In the years 1964-1965, a Polish language teacher at the Secondary School in Trzebnica; in 1965, he was assigned to military service at the School of Reserve Officers; to avoid being assigned a military specialisation (intelligence), he volunteered to work for the Civic Militia. In 1968-1981 member of the communistic party PZPR (Polish United Workers‘ Party). 1970-1971 student in the References Section of the Military School in Łódź; after returning to Wrocław in 1972 transferred to the Security Service, employed in Section I, Division IV (dealing with academic ministries, the Higher Seminary and the Metropolitan Curia), office worker, responsible for documentation, did not participate in operational activities. Since 1973, captain of the Security Service; through intermediaries, he informed the persons being worked on (among others, Fr. Stanislaw Orzechowski and Fr. Aleksander Zienkiewicz) about the actions carried out against them; in 1977, he personally informed them of the establishment of a telephone tapping by Adam Pleśnar, leader of the Free Democrats Movement; through trusted persons, he warned, among others, Bolesław Gleichgewicht, Piotr Starszyński, Leszek Budrewicz and Stanisław Hartman; informed the Metropolitan Curia and academic pastoral caretakers about the introduced agency; several times close to deconspiration; gained further associates from the ranks of the Security Service (so-called Charukiewicz Group). Since 1979 a collaborator of the Confederation of Independent Poland 1980-1981 he provided Solidarity members with information on the activities of the Security Service; author of detailed studies on methods of operational work, guides on defence against observation, surveillance and conduct during interrogations; through Janusz Gan, he informed the President of the Lower Silesia Regional Council Jerzy Piórkowski about the intentions of the Security Service concerning him. After December 13th, 1981 and the imposition of martial law, he was detained by the Security Service; he was charged with cooperating with anti-socialist centres; in the absence of evidence and thanks to the decision of General Czesław Kiszczak, the case was not referred to the prosecutor‘s office; then released from service, expelled from the PZPR, sent for psychiatric treatment, directed to a pension; in 1982, a collaborator of the underground, thanks to contacts in the Wrocław Security Service, provided information to the opposition; in 1983, he was the publisher of the underground youth magazine ‚Piłsudczyk Wielkopolski‘; author of texts in underground magazines. In 1989, he asked to be reinstated in the police. His dismissal was considered to be for political reasons and he was reinstated in 1990.